Skybell As Motion Sensor

I just installed a Skybell HD doorbell & want to use the motion sensor to turn on porch light.
Would it be better to replace the switch with a GE model 12727 switch or change the bulb to a Cree connect bulb & just leave the existing switch?


I have a Ring doorbell and did that. I just used the Cree bulb and called it a day.

I will be watching this … Mine is coming soon.

I went with the Cree Connected bulb, installed it in the front porch light fixture & tried to pair. And tried to pair & tried to pair. Finally pulled the bulb out moved it closer to the hub &paired without a problem. Reinstalled the bulb in the outside fixture & worked on & off. Had no problem setting up motion sensor on Skybell to turn light on.
Long story short Cree bulb ($15) works with Skybell to turn on light when motion detected.

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I plan on getting a skybell and want to use its motion sensors to turn on the lights so I put in a GE 14291. Simply because my front porch has three light. One bulb and two floodlights. I’m currently using my Arlo camera motion sensor to turn it on and was hoping to be able to also use the skybell motion sensor for better coverage.

Cree sounds like a good option for your setup.

I do this same thing turn on porch light & garage lights with motion on Sky Bell.
You have 2 options you can use
Smart Lighting in Smart Things
install webcore & create a piston to control the lights.

How should the Skybell motion detection show up under the recent tab in the SmartThings app? When my skybell detects motion, I only get a picture from the camera and chime status in the ST app… it does not say “motion detected”. I have tried setting it up under smart lighting to turn my cree connected front porch bulb on, but have been unsuccessful in making it function. The ST app also appears to poll the SB every 5 min and get a pic from the camera and report chime status. Is this normal?Any help or detailed instructions would be appreciated. Thank you