Using Alexa with ST in EU?

Is there anyone from EU who uses ST with Alexa successfully ?
I have a problem. My Alexa account is linked to ST successfully, but doesn’t show up as an option in voice assistant. (The Alexa app discovered all of my ST devices .I can handle all of my ST devices from Alexa app with the Echo dot.)
I had unlinked- relinked the ST skill, so many times.
Alexa wont show up as a voice assistant in the ST app.
Any solution?

Alexa bring no devices inside Smartthings

I know that.
My problem is this:

Where is Alexa?

I wouldn’t worry about it. Sounds like everything is working correctly.

Alexa won t show up as a Voice assistant. No option to choose it from the list.
It looks like connected to my ST account.

But if I check my samsung account is not listed between my linked accounts.

My point was if you can control things in Alexa thats all you get from the integration. You dont get to control Alexa devices in ST. I agree something is uo with that not displayed but functionally you’re not missing anything.

Do you have more than one location on your account?

As I know, just one- Home.

Appreciate your help.
My point is: I want to use the full capabilites of my Echo dot and Alexa integration.
For example: in the automation to set- let Echo to announce me if the door left open .

That is my point, its not available with the automation.

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Since day one the Alexa and Google integration have been one way. You can control smartthibgs smartthings cannot control Alexa. Alexa routines can respond to SmartThings devices (use sensor to trigger voice announcement in an Alexa routine) but no you cannot send an announcement from SmartThings to an echo.

There was for a short glorious yime a custom smartapp called EchoSpeaks but sadly its no more.

There have been other efforts including a VoiceMonkey integration as well.

Ok. I understood.
In my case: why Alexa is not listed as a voice assistant option? (My first screenshot)

There’s been a billion little platform issues for the last week and a half. Things that are there not showing in the app is just one thing the user community has been reporting Again - I wouldn’t worry about it if everything is working - and it sounds as if it is with the exception of the display of the connection.

I guess it depends on what Voice Assistant is actually meant to be showing. I see my connected Alexa and Google but I don’t get offered Bixby.

The only way you can get integration the way you as asking is to create virtual switches (virtual devices) in smartthings. These then show up in alexa.
So you can then create routines in alexa that when something operates in alexa it operates the smart switch which can then trigger an automation in ST. It sounds quite long but once you get the hang of it it’s easy.

There is also now an option in ST to send an announcement to an Alexa speak. (See below)

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How did you get your Alex’s to show up as speakers on ST?

They should just appear when you add the ST d
Skill in alexa. I did nothing special
I’m then using the smartapp Speaker Companion to announce the necessary saying. (Search speaker companion here and you’ll find the necessary info to run it)

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I don’t have any Echo devices but my understanding is that would be new behaviour that should be absolutely rocking the forum.

Agreed. Those traditionally would not show up unless you have Echo Speaks installed (which doesnt work anymore)

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I have 3 echo dots linked to ST and none of they show up as speakers. I think they did before Echo Speaks was disabled.