Voice Assistant not an option to add

Lots of search results out there suggest you can add an Amazon Echo/Alexa device to SmartThings – it being as simple as using + from the main screen to choosing Voice Assistant. I’ve tried both the Android and IOS SmartThings apps and Voice Assistant is not an option for me…Am I missing something? or has something changed functionality-wise within SmartThings?

I have previously added the SmartThings skill within the Alex application, I’ve even disabled and re-linked it…

There was a custom smartapp called Echo Speaks that allowed users to import their Echo speakers. But that app was shut down in the Fall of 2020.

Ah, the docs I was reading didn’t mention a SmartApp as part of the solution! If that’s a pre-requisite and the app is shutdown that might explain a few things…

Try the menu tab (lower right corner), settings (gear up right corner) and then linked services.

Alexa is showing there as a linked service. I guess what I’m trying to get at is exposing the Echo to something like SharpTools, but the Echo devices aren’t showing as devices in SmartThings anywhere.


Echo device do NOT show as devices in ST since Echo Speaks was shut down.
All ST devices will show up in the Alexa app.
You can create Simulated Alexa Switches or the Beta Edge virtual switches in ST to trigger Alexa routines

Perfect. Thank you so much for that definitive answer! :slight_smile: Hopefully this will help others with a similar question!