New ST user, no Alexa listedunder voice assistant

Swapped my Wink 2 for ST. All went well until connecting Alexa echo. When I tried to add echo on ST, only Google home and bixby were options. I connected SH to Alexa, but it doesn’t discover devices. What am I missing? See screen shots.

Welcome! To connect ST to Alexa, open the Alexa app and install the SmartThings skill. It will prompt you to authenticate your ST login.

The section you showed only provides that detail. If you open the link to google assistant, it will show the same. Open the google assistant app and set up the ST link in it. :slight_smile:

Here is another thread that may be of interest to you. Another member wrote it earlier for the Wink folks moving over to ST…

Thanks for the reply and the links. I enabled the skill and connected/authorized Alexa, but it always says no devices found.

Did you connect Alexa through SmartThings also? Check the location where you installed the Alexa integration in SmartThings.

No that’s the issue, Akexa doesn’t show up as an option in voice assistant. Another said it was either or, but I’m suspicious that Alexa doesnt show as an option.

Look in the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) click on settings (the cog) and then connected services

That’s very odd, I’m seeing it here as an option. Which country are you located in? You may want to check if your account was created in the USA (ST support can verify that).

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I’m right here in USA. I already had a Samsung account for years from TV and phone that I have connected.

I must say…

On my ipad… if I click + and voice assistants…click on Alexa, it gives me the fields to login to Alexa

On my iPhone… if I click + and voice assistants… click on Alexa, it says I have to set up the integration from the Alexa app.

Go figure!

Hmm, maybe I’ll try it from my wires phone or the laptop. Worth a try!

First, look in Look in the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) click on settings (the cog) and then connected services and see if the Alexa integration shows there.

Also, what devices have you connected to ST so far?

Yeah, it should show up as a choice if you are in the US. ( and, by the way, you can be linked to more than one voice assistant, that’s not a problem.)



If that’s not what you were seeing, you will need to contact support.

What if I’m not in the US and use Alexa?
I’m not getting Alexa to show up under voice assistants, but commands work fine. I worry after the September 8th update it will stop working. Google shows up fine.

Edit - Alexa does show up under linked services. Just not under voice assistants.

It’s working still 9/8 gmt+8

Hi, i had the same fear. I’m from Chile and until yesterday everithing was fine. Today every device disappear on Alexa and I can’t activate Alexa Skill because It does not appear on Smartthings voice assistants and on the skill page, amazon is telling me “You are not eligible to enable this skill due to geographical restrictions.”. Anyone having the same issue? (My smartthings device (Connect Home) was bought in Chile, not in US so it shouldn’t be restricted).

Please help

I assume you already updated all the apps and skills? Mine has continued uninterrupted. My best guess is that mine is working because I use Unlocator DNS and AFAIK Amazon only uses DNS services to identify location. I bought my SmartThings hub in the US, but the region is still set for Taiwan. I also use an Amazon account that has both a US and a Taiwan address. Hopefully you can find a workaround. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Same thing happened to me. Alexa is successfully linked to ST, but doesn’t show up as an option in voice assistant. The Alexa app successfully discovered all of my ST devices .
Any solution?

I had unlinked- relinked the ST skill, so many times. Alexa wont show up as a voice assistant in the ST app.

Is there anyone who uses ST with Alexa successfully from EU?