Users from Malaysia

May i know any users from Malaysia?
I am looking for the smartthing in malaysis, unfortunately currently only available in UK and USA.

Is anybody using the UK version in Malaysia or SE Asia?

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Hi Tang, I’m using it in Singapore, and plan to setup one in my parent house in Malaysia.

You need to get the UK version for voltage and z-wave frequency compatibility.

Hi Chan, thanks for your reply.
Do you mind share with me the links where get the add on accessories? Like sockets, switches and etc.

I have contacted Yales for the Keyfree lock, unfortunately they do not offer to shop outside of UK.


:slight_smile: great to see someone using in malaysia.

is possible to order those accessories you want from ebay or amazon or taobao.

but honestly, i am still waiting better accessories to be release.
there are many better design / similiar product from china but is unable connect to smartthings (although also z-wave enable). eg: xiaomi yeelight bulb. wifi starlight fiber optic, in-wall touch panel and in-wall plug, curtain roller. those are the thing i am waiting smartthing to release or someone to make it compatible. otheriwse each thing have to use different company app to control that is so not smart at all.

share with us if you happen to know some. currently i am using Xiaomi Yeelight bulb and samsung doorlock. end up i have to use MiApp to on the light. and smarthing App to control the lock. some china app to control the light switch. kind of too many apps to control just few things. yes, although Philips Hue light buld can be control by smartthing, but the colour is not as nice as yeelight bulb. don’t understand why have socket oulet but dont have in-wall plug, people like us like IT and Smart home, would want the wall plug also smart, not add-on a socket to the wall-plug and then plug in a plug head. is like triple plug is there.

I’m using this z-wave switch and it can integrated to SmartThings.

I’m not in Malaysia but still trying to find that switch. Can you post some details please?

Hi, any users from Malaysia can share on how/where to purchase this SmartThings?

hi, pls do let me know where to get it in Malaysia too. thanks

It is an offer now

Hi Can you share with me how to by smartthings UK hub ver 2 from Malaysia?

Hi… i have purchased directly from Amazon UK…

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Are u guys using multi Infrared remote control Device that can be connected to Device in Malaysia? Something like this

No from me. :wink:
Are you going to buy and test?

It will not work, first you need to get it pair, then you need to write a device handler for it.

hiya Tang,

Have you got your purchase and tested it out yet mate?
I’m just concerned about the z-wave compatibility.

I found out the z-waves frequencies for each country:
UK : 868.40 MHz, 869.85 MHz
Singapore : 868.40 MHz, 869.85 MHz
Malaysia : 919.80 MHz, 921.40 MHz, 921.42 MHz

So theoretically, the UK version should work in Singapore. But does it work in Malaysia?

It will work, just that the Zwave freq is diff.

Yes, it works.
Buy the z wave device according to UK frequency.
VYROX Smart Home Malaysia
Samsing SmartThings Malaysia

ZigBee: You can use in Malaysia
Z-Wave: UK Z-Wave frequency confirmed illegal in Malaysia (already double checked with SKMM MCMC Malaysia).

For more info about Smart Home Systems Malaysia, please contact 019-6883338 Engineer Patrick.

If you’re concerned, just buy hub and click on “disable z-wave module” in the IDE.

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Hi guys, I was planning to use Schlage Connect (from US) with SmartThings. Do I have to buy SmartThings from US for compatibility?

They’re using Z-Wave, and what’s the consequences if Malaysia found out we are using Z-Wave?