Taiwan User Gathering

(Yaliang Chuang) #1


I purchased and installed the smartthings three months ago. It’s interesting to explore the possibilities of connected devices. There also are many bright ideas in this community. Thank you all.

I wonder that will there any other users also located in Taiwan? It will be very excited to organize some face-to-face gathering to share our experiences. Please reply to or tell your friends to join this discussion.



(David Tucker) #2

I visit Taiwan occasionally, so I wondered what is your experience of buying Zwave or Zigbee devices over there? Are the prices and brand availability good? Do you have any suggested Taiwan websites selling these?


(Mitchell Lu) #3

@yaliang @djtucker I really surprise that I am not alone in Taiwan.Welcome to Join SmartThings. There are no other zwave or zigbee products in Taiwan. All my device come from Amazon…I have a lot of devices in my house, and I also have integrated Harmony, Echo in my house already. All the great Idea I have seen in the Community all have been implemented at my house. Welcome to have any question, I will do my best to answer if I know.

(Yaliang Chuang) #5

It’s nice to hear from you. Do you have Philips Hue, too? Have you
encountered any problem before? Recently, one of the bulb and the stripe
would automatically been turned on or off but I could find any reason
for its activity? I removed all of the SmartApps but the problem still
exists. Did you have such kind of experience before?

(Mitchell Lu) #6

@yaliang I do not have Philips Hue, but I have other light bulbs devices, May I know what SmartApp you have used to control the Philips Hub ?There are several case may be the problem… First, Are you using the SmartThings v2 Hub or v1 Hub ?, Second, Do you have Hub Firmware upgrade already. I know recently SmartThings have a lot of problem, specially at timing trigger event basis SmartApps such as Sunset, Sunrise trigger,… but since 2 weeks ago. It become stable now. If you have removed all the SmartApps which control you Philipe Hue, then Supposedly you can remove the device now, Try to remove the device if possible, If not, that mean some SmartApps still control the Hubs, If you can remove then connect it again and see if it can back to normal…you also can use the SmartThings account to login in develop web page and see all the log happen in your SmartThing Hub…

(Yaliang Chuang) #7

I’m using the v1 hub. I also checked the log through ST’s management webpage, but didn’t find the reasoning behind the flash light. I’ll try your suggestions to reinstall them. What kind of light bulbs do you use? Philips Hue seems not bright enough for assisting us doing most of the activities at home. Do you also live in Taipei?

(Mitchell Lu) #8

@yaliang I just use Cree Light bulb, different from Philipps Hue, it control by SmartThings directly, while Philipps Hue have bridge and Bridge connect to SmartThings not Bulb itself.I l also suggest the Philipp Hue may need to check if it also need to upgrade the firmware of software ? Do you have IFTTT accounts. You can try to duplicate the rule you use at SmartThings in IFTTT and see if Philipp Hue trigger as you expect just like you setup at SmartThings,I suggest you can also try IFTTT, Those who want to do the IoT for home automation need also have IFTTT account…

(Yaliang Chuang) #9

Thanks for your suggestions. It’s very strange that I couldn’t find the rules to explain the unexpected behaviors neither in ST or in IFTTT. Therefore, I reset the bridge and reset all of the bulbs. However, at that time, the auto search could not find the bulbs. All of them were added manually with the serial number. What a disaster!! Luckily, after the reset, everything is fine.
Did you have similar experience in difficultly debugging the system? How did you solve the problems?

(Mitchell Lu) #10

I did not have Philipps Hue Bridge, so I have no idea on what is going on between Hue Bridge and SmartThings ?, but as I have other connection, such as Amazon Echo and the Logitech Harmony they use the similar idea to connect to SmartThings. once you have that build between SmartThings, they should be there…
If you find any abnormal behavior last week to now, It is because SmartThing server have serious problem, all routine work or timing event trigger are not working anymore, from SmartThing Community “platform update”, you can see the detail, and you also could subscribe the update, in case any system problem, you will got the mail to avoid the confusion whether it is server problem of problem at home equipment…
My experience that the whole system inside the home are quiet stable, but since all the data route to server, if server have problem, then whole system become very strange, now as time event trigger got problem, if you want to ask bulb to light up at specific time, it can not do it now, you now can control it manually by any trigger such contact sensor, temperature sensor. or from your iPhone Apps…hope the time event trigger back to normal in few days.

P.S. I check your profile, It seem you are the professor at IoT and automation Field in University… If you really want to know detail about SmartThings and what he can do, you can drop me a mail at mitchell.lu66@gmail.com, Since I work at Hsinchu Science Park, but live in Taichung FengYuan, Maybe we can find time meet each other after CNY in hsinchu

(PPO16) #11

Hi there,

As you guys are Taiwan based users, you might be interested in the integration I made with Taiwan Computex awarded Air-Mentor air quality monitor. I bought mine at GuangHua electronics market but you can also find it on pchome.


(Ecallegari) #12

I am Taiwan based. I use ST, zigbee and Zwave devices. Not easy to get like in U.S. but I get them anyways. Also use Xiaomi since their local store sell alot of cheap zigbees. Got lots from U.S. though. Works great. Line ID: Callegari. Interested in what other ST users in Taiwan are doing. I dab a bit in programming as well so hope we can fix the pain of issues living on the island looking to make the home smarter.

(PPO16) #13

@mitchell_lu66 you have a new friend in Taiwan!

@ecallegari, have a look at my integration of the Taiwan widely available AirMentor Air Quality Monitor at https://github.com/philippeportesppo/AirMentorPro2_SmartThings

(Mitchell Lu) #14

Yes.we have connected and add the line ID for each other.that is great I finally have a smartThing’s friend here in Taiwan and could share the experience and discuss the business possibility.

By the way ,I buy 2 AirMentor and 2 HPA250B.one in Living Room and another in BedRoom and use another Raspberry Pi 3 to control.Look great and code easy to implement and easy to integrated at SmartThings and Raspberry Pi

Any good Idea and implementation at SmartThings ? Check SmartThings forum every days and less exciting from day to day !

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(PPO16) #15

Great! I am also lacking of ideas. Additionally ST seems to be less and less DIY friendly. I am really waiting to see if the new Hub would enable BT. In that case I would port our stuff and get rid of the Pi.
If you have any idea let me know happy to help!