To buy SmartThings from US or UK?

HI Guys! I am new to SmartThings, I am actually located in Malaysia and I am thinking if I should buy SmartThings Hub from the US or UK?
I done some research it seems both of the country has different version of frequencies on the hub itselfs.
Do look forward for some advises…

A quick google shows that neither hubs would be legal in Malaysia due to the z-wave frequency used.
If this is not a concern for you then I notice that the a/c voltage used in Malaysia is 220-240
This is compatible with UK/EU voltages so this is something to think about.

Get UK version, i am using it 1 yr+ in Malaysia
But it is no SIRIM certified… but nobody care

Bro… then are you able to find suitable product parts to work with the UK version?
I read the UK version frequencies has lesser product parts to work with.

Depends on what product you are looking for and how to integrate…:grinning:

If you’re planning to replace mains-powered dumb switches or outlets, keep in mind that you may not find much (or anything?) that is rated for 220V and operates on the US z-wave frequency.

I been thinking maybe I should connect everything via Zigbee then I would not no worries.
But then again, do you guys know where I can get ST compatible Zigbee product that works direct integration without the need to hack it.

So far, all my connected devices are zigbee, no z-wave…

Where you buy all your zinger devices in Malaysia?
I tried call this Mr.Patrick of but he recommended his own zigbee solution instead or ST.

What kind of device you are looking for?
I’m using Xiaomi sensor, button and cube at the moment.
So far no problem with those zigbee.
I purchased from taobao and how to get those devices working, you may find in this community.

Of course they recommended you their solution. It’s call business :joy::joy:

door sensor, outdoor & indoor PIR motion sensor, light switch, wall plug switch

I am thinking since ZigBee there is only 1 standard across the world there is no different frequencies right?
I can buy a US based hub then buy only ZigBee based items, will that work?

US version having promotion only only USD49.99

It should working in zigbee…

For the promotion, please make sure they do shipping to Malaysia…