Smartthings user from Indonesia or SE Asia

Hi, I’m have interest in doing some smart home, and I have search all week about best smarthome hub and I discover that only Samsung Smartthings hub that allow communication beetween zigbee and z-wave. Now I think I want to buy a smartthings hub, I already know that US and UK smartthings use a difference frequency for Z-Wave, so I think I will go with UK version.

My question is, did anybody from SE Asia, or even Indonesia have bought this item, and where do you buy it. Because I’d checked on ebay or amazon, they don’t ship to Indonesia. And If I buy from ebay, how would I know if it is UK version ?

Thanks for any reply.

If you search instead of you should get UK items.

Currys are the UK SmartThings reseller. They have one here:

Hope that helps!

what kind of things do you use? is there any way to get them in Indonesia?

Hi, I ended up buying z-wave things, with raspberry pi as the hub.
I calculated all the shipping fee and taxes, it’s not worthed to invest in Smartthings for now.