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Hi guys, I was planning to use Schlage Connect (from US) with SmartThings. Do I have to buy SmartThings from US for compatibility?

They’re using Z-Wave, and what’s the consequences if Malaysia found out we are using Z-Wave?

(Cmin Tang) #25

UK and US version are different Z-wave frequency.

At the moment, i do not use any Z-wave device. All my devices using Zigbee.


Nobody will find out as the range for z-wave device is quite limited.

The only problem of buying US hub is that, you will have difficulties in finding the right z-wave switch and plug later, as the US switches and plug only support 110 V, and it will blow when use in Malaysia.

(Robin) #27

Functional range is limited (50m for Zwave plus at best) but interference / detectable range will be a lot greater.


Here’s my plan for my homestay,

-buy Schlage Connect (the best lock so far, All i need it remote change password and it gets the job done.)
-place SmartThings near the door (less than 3m away)
-get a voltage coverter, around RM25 in Pudu.

Other than that, I will be using ZigBee for motion/light sensor.

I would love to get a ZigBee lock (Yale or Kwikset), but the support from community & price range ain’t as good as Schlage Connect.

(Cmin Tang) #29

Why don’t you get an UK version?
I’m using UK version without any issues at the moment.

Furthermore I think most of z-wave device in Malaysia using UK frequency.


it doesn’t compatible with Schlage Connect which is using 908.42MHz.


For the hub, don’t need voltage converter

(Koay BL) #32

Anyone manage to pair with Zigbee Switch in malaysia like Xiaomi Aqara ?

(Kelvin Kueh) #33

Yes, I have Xiaomi temperature, contact sensor, aqara switches, motion sensor managed by smartthings hub v2

(Koay BL) #34

Hi Kelvin, nice to know that, i am interested in Aqara Wall Switch too , do you mind to share how you manage to do connect your hub with the Xiaomi Aqara Switches

(Kelvin Kueh) #35

you may refer to the link below Device Handler for Aqara Wired Wall Switch

(Koay BL) #36

Thanks Kelvin, i will refer to the link