USEE Zigbee PowerStrip SM-301U-PA20

Trying to find out if this device works with ST in the USA. Online it indicates via comments it works with @Mariano_Colmenarejo drivers, but the devices I got looks a bit different, so not sure. I was able to link

it the first time. But nothing works, So I deleted it and tried again. The second try, I was unable to get it to join, so can’t get the fingerprint. I think it is UseLink/Tuya. Any ideas? I’m attaching the model number. Note the typos, as I think it is for the USA market, even though it says 50 HZ on one section (and 60 HZ in another).


I can’t find anything.

If it doesn’t pair with zigbee thing Mc then it won’t pair with another controller either.

After multiple tries, today it went into pairing mode and paired correctly. For others, it is a TS011F and the on/off functions seems to work fine. Hopefully the other one works too. Thanks


@Mariano_Colmenarejo Thanks for your efforts to develop/extend all of these drivers that neither ST nor the OEMs have not developed. One request: In the zigbee Multiswitch and child mc driver, is it possible to make the Switch child names user editable? That would make it much easier to track what is plugged into them. Thanks

Hi @homeagain

You can edit the name of the created child devices same that of any device, in the device’s edit menu

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I kept them together as one device, and I can’t edit them in that mode. Do I need to create separate child devices to edit them?

Smartthings does not allow editing the names of the components, which are in the profile.
This may or may not change in the future, who knows!

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