Tuya 3 way zigbee switch from Nova Digital (Brazil)

Hi All, it´s been awhile from last time I worked with my ST, so a little bit rust.

I bouth a mini module zigbee 3 channel, made by Tuya, but stamped and sold by another company called NovaDigital in Brazil.

They dont´s confirme if this switch works with ST, but as it is Zigbee I took the risk and bought a few of them.

During the tests I could make it work in ST, but all channels are triggered at the same time, meaning it is acting as a single channel.

As I am not used to Edge drivers (still trying to learn), how can I confirme the correct driver and/or assign another 3 way zigbee switch driver to test it and make sure it works or not?

Below a picture of the device

I would try it with @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's “ZigBee Multi Switch and Child Mc” driver. You can find it using the following link.


Thank you Paul, that worked perfeclty, I can now control all the channels individually.

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