Woolley SA-030 Zigbee Smart Plug

I’ve just received this device and was hoping that it would work as a repeater/signal booster for my existing zigbee devices that are just out of range.

It say,‘Works with Smartthings’ but that is where the details end.

When I put it in pairing mode and search for devices, it gets added as a Thing but that is all. No option to select a driver, no control options on the tile.

There is mention of the eWeLink app but I’d proesumably need another hub for that (I have a Smartthings hub)

Anyone have any ideas?

My plugs that are similar to that present as the eWeLink SA-003-Zigbee and work fine with SmartThings, except for the one that I removed today because the relay was no longer reliable. I don’t think the SA-030 has been certified and I don’t know what the differences are.

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How did you set them up? Did they just get picked up with an auto scan?
I’ve noticed that it is functioning as a repeater (which is good). Just not working as a smart plug

The SA-003-Zigbee was explicitly fingerprinted in a DTH and is explicitly fingerprinted in an Edge driver, so it is particularly easy to pair. I’ve not seen the 030 model fingerprinted anywhere.

Ok Thanks. I think I’ll just leave it as a repeater for a while and repair it in the future to see if the situation has improved

I’ve just got one of these and found that the driver at this thread matched the device as a switch which works well:

I forgot to ever update this thread on mine. At some point ive reset it and it functions just fine as a repeater and a switch with no custom drivers at all