Used SmartThings Hub, wont connect Ethernet

I bought a used ST Hub v3 off Ebay. I’m using an ethernet cable from my wifi router to the ST Hub. I reset it properly, and connected it but couldn’t connect when I chose the “Ethernet” option. Tried multiple times, reset router and everything.

It only worked when I chose “Wifi” and finally connected. Should I be concerned? Is this normal?

I dont have any devices as of now to control and test, just a google home and an arlo camera system with a hub.(maybe later this week the sensors and outlets will finally come)

But is this normal?

Update: Just got some smart plugs and ST Hub seems to work fine with them.

Hey there! @Cassera,

It is recommended to initially set up using Ethernet Cable and while monitoring the LED colors of your hub for when it’s ready to be claimed (Flashing Green/Red).

Instances of the hub not being claimed can sometimes be resolved by the clearing of cache or resetting the hub to troubleshoot the symptom.

Setting your v3 Hub up via Wi-Fi is not a cause for concern and you still have the option to switch back to Ethernet Connection if preferred. As you mentioned Smart Plugs being able to be added to your ST Hub and controlled on your network indicate functionality.

I hope this message finds you well!


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Clearing of cache? How do I do that?

I already tried connecting and setting up with ethernet but it kept saying Hub Offline. This is when I reset the Hub properly using the button on the he back and even reset my router. Checked the ethernet cable, it was fine. Still got the same message.

But when I chose Wifi during initial setup, it worked on the first try.

I’d much rather have it connected via Ethernet…but hey, if it isn’t broken.

Any further recomendations?

You can try clearing the cache of your Smart Things Application by using this pathway on an Android Device.

Settings>Applications>SmartThings>Storage>Clear Cache, Force Close your Smart Things Application and restart your device. Do you receive a connection once the ethernet is plugged in?

I just cleared the cache, force stopped and reset the hub and even tried using the Ethernet cable from my Arlo hub which works fine, and still didnt work when I chose Ethernet on the setup.

It only worked when I chose Wifi

Same as last time