Use Sonos to notify garage door is open

(Brianh) #1

I’m looking for an app that will tell me my garage door is open at sundown. Recently my kids left the door open and I had about $1,000 in tools stolen. I installed the title sensors and I installed a motion sensor and siren, but I would like to have Sonos say at sundown “The garage door is open”. I haven’t see anything that will do that at a particular time. I only want it to notify at sundown or a prescribed time and give me a voice notification if it is open. Does anyone know of one that I may have missed? Right now I bought a Quirky Nimbus and through IFTTT I have one of the indicators that says Open/Closed depending on the state of the title switch. I’ve looked at Notify with Sound, but it doesn’t have all of the options that I need.


(Marc) #2

You can do this with Rule Machine if you have that installed (custom command) and I believe with CoRE(Expert features).

(Võ Thanh Minh) #3

I think may be ok, you see here

(Bobby) #4

Custom SHM instance can do that for you. As long as you can use the virtual garage door handler with your tilt sensor

(Brianh) #5

Thanks! It looks like it will work perfectly. This is what I love about SmartThings. I think we have a great community that is willing to help.