Garage door continuous monitor

I need help writing an app that will continuously warn (Text or notfication) every X number of minutes if a door is left open.

For my garage doors I have it set to 5 minutes, but sometime we want it open so we ignore the warning. Rather than add multiple rules for 5 10, 15, etc. It would be nice to have a smart app that will do the same.

I use a ECOLink Tilt sensor, they are working great BTW I just got my ST on Monday. I have looked at a lot of example. Just not sure where to start. If I can use the native DOOR sensor that ecolink shows up as that would be fine. I don’t need to write a device type.

I found it. Left it open APP

Curious, if anyone knows it is possible to get something like the Left it Open App with an output to Sonos with a custom message?

There is a customer sono app template, you could look at that and add the sonos messaging to the Left it Open Messaging. I don’t have sonos but I am trying to get VLC thing to work. Not having much consistent luck

Thanks. I just took a look at the Left It Open App and Sonos Notify with Sound to see if I could make sense of where to apply the custom message from Sonos App to Left It Open App. I am not blessed with the coding skills that other have in this community so I think I will wait until someone develops something.

I found what I am looking for at Sonos Custom Message With door left open notification from @coolcatiger. The code might help you with the VLC thing issue. Good luck!