How to notify when garage door is open at 9:30pm?

This seems like it would be very simple to do, but i can’t find any smartapp or mode trigger to do it with. I don’t want to be told if its left open for a certain time period, just "if its open, and its 930pm, announce it over sonos to go close the dang door’.

Since the Sonos notify smartapp doesn’t have the ability to trigger off of ‘is a sensor open/closed’ only WHEN it is open/closed (this seems foolish to me?) i thought I would just have something check at 930 if it was open, change the mode for the house to ‘garage open’ and have that trigger the notify. No such luck, mode triggers also can’t check if a door is open/closed.

What am I missing ? :slight_smile: Thanks for ANY help !!

Is (or could) the 9:30 time frame be the trigger for a mode change? That might help, but I think you are still looking at writing your own SmartApp (until someone else does). @urman? @bflorian?

I’m actually looking to do the same thing - just wondering if you’d had any success tracking something down (or writing it yourself)? I’ve seen solutions that detect WHEN the garage door is open, or open for X minutes, etc. But in my case I don’t care that the garage door is left open (kids are going in and out all day). I do want to make sure that by 9pm the garage door is closed so that I don’t go to bed with it accidentally left open.

Rule Machine can do this with a Conditional Trigger, like this:

Trigger Event: periodic daily at 9:30pm
Condition: garage door open
Rule: garage door open
Action for true: send message
Action for false: none

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Worked like a charm - thanks! First time using Rule Machine - was fairly straightforward except for the trigger event. I didn’t realize I had to set one of the periodic schedule values (Every n days, Every weekday, Each select day) AND the time. Once I figured that out it worked great!