Check to see if door is open at a specific time

First off, I’ve very new to smartthings, trying to learn the lingo can be daunting. I have a door sensor on the pedestrian door of my garage. When the door is opened, I finally figured out how to set up to send me a text message letting me know the door is now open. The problem is, I sometimes forget to close the door at night, is there a way to have smartthings check the door status at let’s say 9 pm every night and if it’s open, have it send me another text notifying me that it’s open? Please remember I’m new at this and any help would be appreciated but make it simple to understand. I’m also planning on buying a light switch for my attic, sometimes I go in there and the light has been left on from whoever went in there looking for something. I’m assuming that would work similarly.

I have the classic app on my phone but have just upgraded to the new version, I guess the classic is going away???

Yes, the classic app is being retired on Oct. 14, 2020.

Yes, you can create an automation

Time is 9pm
Garage door is open
Send sms message

Yes, there are several ways to address this. One option could be to get door open/close sensor and let it turn on/off the light. You can also use automations to figure out a method that best suits your needs.

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Thanks so much, I think I have it set to check the garage door now. As far as the light, I plan on buying a smart switch and check it do the same thing, I don’t want to automatically turn if off if someone is in the attic, I can just check it out myself. Thanks again!