Use Ring Doorbell 2 as a motion detector

Hi all,

Do you know if is it possible to use the Ring Doorbell 2 motion detector capabilities, to turn on my front door bulb (which is also controlled by a z-wave dimmer switch).
So far, I am using an Aeon motion detector but since the Ring Doorbell is capable of detecting motion for its own service (start recording and send message), it will be great to use it as a motion detector thusI can use the Aeon to control other devices in another place.

Thank you.

Yes, there is native integration between ST and RING. See below


Thank you so much @ogiewon, I have checked many times but did not thought to go that way.

Thx again.

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Remember the ST RING integration is ONLY for the doorbell currently… there is NO integration with say the Flood Cam :frowning:


Hi,I also would like to use my Ring 2 doorbell as a motion detector within ST. Problem is I can’t see how one configures this. I have successfully installed the Smartapp for Ring, but it doesn’t seem to enable any linkage to anything., so all I can do is see it as a device and put it into a room (Hallway),. Has anyone got further with this?

Are you using the Classic App? I have no idea if this works in the new App.

I’m using the Classic app as I’ve read that the new one is worse. I have managed now to set up a lighting smart app to use the Ring as a motion detector, but still have no video. Any suggestions appreciated.

Using the integrated video is pretty useless, in my opinion, as it seems very flakey. The Ring App works much better. But, if you really want to try it, simply change the Device Handler to the ‘Ring Pro Doorbell’ and then you should have the video option in the classic app. When I try to use it, it works less than 50% of the time.