Motion on Ring Doorbell 2

I added my Ring Doorbell to SmartThings and I can see the video feed via Live view. However, it is showing “inactive” for motion detection and I can’t figure out how to change it. I wanted to set up an automation that would trigger another camera in my yard to record when the doorbell sensed motion. See screenshot of the setting.

Is the other camera also a Ring camera? If so, you can link the two in the Ring app so that when motion is detected on the doorbell, it can trigger the other camera.

Also, what you are looking at in the screenshot you posted is the current state of the motionSensor.motion capability. If you scroll down further, you should see the motion sensor recording active->inactive state changes.

Thanks for the quick reply. The camera that I want to trigger is an Arlo camera. I have the Routine automation set up, but because the ST app isn’t sensing motion from the Ring doorbell, it’s not triggering. The motion alerts work fine on the Ring app itself. I noticed that the device tile for the Ring doorbell is grayed out and says “No motion”, although when I click on the tile, it connects fine.

I’ll make a new post to attached the screenshot of the section I think you are referring to (it will only let me do one attachment per reply). Are any of these motion activities? They aren’t triggering my Routine.

Here is the screenshot of the section I think you are referring to (it will only let me do one attachment per reply). Are any of these motion activities? They aren’t triggering my Routine.

No, those events are for the WebRTC capability which is related to the transfer of video. You would want to look for motionSensor.motion events like are in my screenshot. I’d also look in the device history in the ST app to see if motion is being recorded or not.

My doorbell is also greyed out and shows no motion so that seems like normal behavior. As I mentioned, I’d check the device history in the ST app as well.

There are unfortunately no motionSensor.motion events in my ST log history, though I’ve received plenty of “There is motion at your Front Door” alerts from Ring this morning. The ST device history shows “No history”.

The webrtc.sdpAnswer event seems to be logged when you bring up the device card and the video is displayed there (which makes sense). Looking at all my Ring cameras, it seems like the Ring platform does a “check-in” with the ST platform (or vice versa) about every 2 hours and if there are no events, reports “No History”. Not sure why you aren’t seeing motion events in the ST app or in the web tool. My lawn guy was just here and I got Ring notifications, ST mobile app history, and web history on all of my Ring cameras and the doorbell. That tells me that cloud->cloud communication is working properly so there is something else going on for you.

What model is your doorbell camera? Mine is the Video Doorbell Pro and in the web tool it shows the profile as c2c-ring-doorbell and the model as lpd_v2.

Update: I found this article that says only the Doorbell Pro and Doorbell 3 are supported by the Ring/ST integration. Might explain your issues. I’d open a case with Ring I think.

Thanks for your help. I have the Ring Doorbell 2, which must be the issue. Since they don’t sell it anymore, it’s probably not compatible.

I read somewhere else that a user had that model working with ST. As I said, it might not hurt to check with Ring support.

I have a Ring Doorbell 2 and I can confirm it works. I have a Pro, 2 ,3 and the wired and they all work with motion. I have routines on all of them that display video on a Fire TV that shows the Doorbell when there is motion detected in ST. I also have several routines that use these motion sensors for lighting.

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