Ring doorbell st thoughts?

How well does ring doorbell work with SmartThings? Is it faster to trigger motion events? I’m guessing no edge driver considering it’s all cloud based?

I have a couple and they work well for my needs. I principally use the Ring app, but I do use the motion events from the cameras to trigger automations. They work reasonably quickly. I attribute any latency to Ring, as I hear the Ring event on my phone about the same time as the automation fires.

The Ring cameras are viewable through the ST app, although I use the Ring app for that.

No idea on the Edge drivers, as I’m avoiding them until they are mature.

For the most part, the doorbell works great. In fact, I have an app that takes the motion control from the Ring doorbell and use it to drive my porch light to full brightness when someone trips it.

I do the same thing with my Ring floodlight detecting motion and my detached garage entry light coming on or up to full brightness if someone enters the area.

So, the motion function is great.

As far as the floodlight, I am disappointed in two things:

1.) They took away the ability to control the lights on or off. You must use the Ring app to turn on or off the floodlights. It used to work a long time ago. We were told this might come back but I am not hiding my breath. I could really use it for home monitoring on the security side of things, or even smoke detection.

2.) There is no way to utilize the siren inside the Ring Floodlight. To me, this was a huge missed opportunity, again, for the security side of things.

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Cheers for that, the motion triggers sound good. sucks about the lack of control for the floodlight and I’m not a fan of how you have to pay a subscription

Another plus while usiing the Ring video doorbell is the video popup on Samsung TVs which have to smartthings app on the TV. This would be QLED TVs and up

I look at it this way on the subscription.

I use the cameras on the exterior of my home, meaning anyone looking to do harm is going to be caught on camera before they reach any door or window to my home. Ring records it to their cloud servers so the evidence is there, instead of a DVR on site that the thief (or worse) could take with them, thus destroying the evidence. For my two cameras, it is $60 a year, or $5 a month.

yeah that is pretty cool, but i have an android tv :frowning:

Yeah thats a good point and I guess that does justify the cost, BUT in contrast, if you get like the Logitech doorbell with apple home kit secure you only have to pay for cloud storage that you can also use with your iPhone and that also gives you face detection which is pretty cool. I suppose that won’t work with smartthings though (but maybe later on with matter?)