Has integration with Ring Security devices been added?

Found a thread over a year ago saying ring security devices (sensors, etc) couldn’t be integrated with SmartThings. Has this changed?

For example I’d like to use the motion sensors for other automations like turning off /on lights. It’s this possible?

Not exactly what you are looking for, but I use Alexa and IFTTT to do so.

I do if motion detected after 7PM turn on light. Then if no motion after 2 minutes turn off light.

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do you mean ring sensors connected to smartthings hub, or ring sensors connected to ring alarm and then added to SmartThings?

Honestly, either way. Whichever allows me to use the sensors for more than just security.

I’d like to be able to use the ring motion sensors to activate lights if motion detected after a certain time, etc.

Do you currently have the ring alarm? If so, you can currently use Alexa routines to do that.

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Yes. Sounds good thanks

You can only have a motion sensor paired to one Hub at at time. So any Ring Alarm motion sensor would not be able to be used to turn on a light that you have in SmartThings. About the only way you would get this functionality is through a Ring camera, with the Ring Connect smart app, you can use some of the motion sensors on the cameras to initiate actions via SmartThings.

You could use a ring motion sensor connected to a ring alarm to turn on a switch connected to a smartthings hub via an Alexa routine.

How is this done? I know how to create an Alexa routine but how do I get it to trigger based on the motion without having to “play” the routine manually?