Use extra switch buttons Smartthings

When I used webcore I could select “button 2” or “button 4” for some of my switches. GE and inovelli. For my inovelli switches I could change the notification LED as well. I don’t see this option in my smarthings app. I have been sent to sharptools but I don’t see the options I had in webcore and seems similar to routines in the ST app.

I used to have a program when I would “double click” a switch it would trigger “button 2” and then turn off the whole room.

Any idea how to replicate this in ST? Thanks

The problem is not the lack of webcore. Your switches were probably migrated from a Device Handler which supported these feature to stock Edge Drives which allow the device to work but have no extras. You need to use Edge Drives which expose these capabilities.

For GE devices use

For Inovelli devices try the following or the official Inovilli drivers.

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FYI - after you switch to the correct drivers, the Inovelli notification LEDs won’t show up under Settings and create individual devices the way they used to. Instead, they’re available as a target device for a routine or scene. My preference is to create scenes for each notification, e.g. door unlocked scene: red, flashing, until turned off for switch 1, switch 2, etc. Then you can call that scene from each relevant routine, or from external sources like SharpTools or Amazon.

God, why didn’t they just buy WebCORE from the designer and implement that? Such a better and more complete system…

I’m no expert but I think the problem was the growing cost of (cloud) hosting.

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If you’re a fan of WebCoRE, you might consider switching to Hubitat. They’ve integrated WebCoRE as a native app. You can get a used C7 hub on eBay for around $50 to get you started.

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They actually did hire the author of Webcore several years ago. He worked for them for a couple of years, then moved on to another company.

SmartThings staff have said multiple times that they believe the new “rules API” will offer parity with Webcore, but it’s not quite there yet, and it’s just not as easy to create the rules as it was in Webcore.

If you were a Heavy webcore user and you don’t find that the rules API meets your needs, I think the most popular options are:

  1. subscribe to the Premium level of SharpTools. Lots of features, very responsive, developer community, probably the easiest user interface of the options. Does not require that you have a laptop to create the rules. The biggest negative is that you do have to pay an annual $30 subscription fee. Whether that’s worth it to you or not it’s just an individual decision, they’ve obviously put a lot of work into it. They have a free trial if you want to check it out. Some people have also decided to subscribe for a year to carry them over while they figure out what their long-term strategy is going to be. It has a nice visual interface, so it’s a pretty easy learning curve. :thinking:
  1. As @csstup mentioned, the version of webcore that you are already used to is still available over on the hubitat platform. In fact, they’ve included it in the official features now. There are also quite a few members that are now running both smartthings and habitat, using one of the community created edge drivers to keep the two in sync. That setup allows you to leave your smartthings network as it is and to continue to use the smartthings app, you just run your pistons over on hubitat. Obviously that adds complexity and some cost and some ongoing maintenance time, but it is doable.

You can read about these and other options in the following thread.

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

And as @jaidank said, Webcore was an amazing community project, but resource intensive for the company. They felt the Rules API would be a better match to what they wanted to do. Maybe, if they ever get it finished…


Depending on their needs, the base Rule Engine features from SharpTools are free. Some of the more advanced features like Variables, Expressions, HTTP Triggers, and HTTP Actions require premium.

To your point, if you were a heavy WebCoRE user, you would likely want those features… but for this particular use case, if the device driver reports the pushed_2x state, that can be done with the free tier of the Rule Engine. As noted above, you may have to switch to a community driver to expose the pushed_2x event.

Either way, we welcome the support! :grinning:


Thanks, I started to use sharptools and I didn’t see any of the options that webcore provided, over just using the “routines” in ST app. I’d pay $30 a year for webcore. Here’s a simple example: I have ST sensors on my garage doors. I don’t use the magnetic open/close option but in ST you can set it as an “garage door sensor” so when it is tilted horizontal it is open and vertical it is closed. In Webcore I had a piston that turned a RBG lamp light pink and multiple inovelli LEDs red when the door was “open” (I didn’t need to specify if it was horizontal), and yellow when the front door was unlocked. I could make the garage door ‘trump’ the front door being unlocked as this was more important to me. I can’t even get the tilt sensor in sharptools to recognize the garage door is open. I have axis inputs but there isn’t a range, or isn’t intuitive. So I have to check the axis outputs when it is open and closed and input manually then try to figure out if 87 degrees and 85 degrees can count the same.

I had another piston that turned on the central fan when CO2 became too high in my bedroom. Sharptools doesn’t pull the same datat I see in ST or webcore from my awair device. Sharptools seems way more complicated than webcore. A lot of people suggest it but I don’t see the power of it.

In my pursuit of a webcore replacement I have been told to switch to hubitat. I do have maybe 100 devices that I would need to repair. I also have a lot of samsung products and like the smartthings app.

My house was sweet until the webcore death! Is there a way to run hubitat to use webcore and then still have all my devices on smartthings?

Thanks Paul, I did install special drivers in the past to access these features. The double click on GE and inovelli. Per my OP I was using these extra features in webcore, but if the old device handlers are bad I’ll try your suggestion!

Thanks for linking the device handler right here to make it easy

I would also check the basics and make sure the status of your door is being reported as you expect. I just checked and it looks like my older “SmartSense Multi” transitioned over to a driver and it’s having all sorts of issues now. From a quick search of the community, it sounds like some people switched to community drivers and others mentioned that they needed to remove and re-pair their multisensor to get it working again.

I previously used this same device as a test with the ‘Garage Door’ setting you mentioned and when the device was working as expected you could use the contact sensor exactly as you described where all you needed to do is check if it was open or closed.

If you double checked that the contact attribute is reporting as you expected, feel free to share an example screenshot of your SharpTools rule and I would be happy to help. I understand that transitioning from something you’re accustomed to over to something new always involves some sort of pains, so I’m happy to help… and the SharpTools community has been a great resource for all the people that transitioned over so far.

@BeardedTechGuy also has some good video series on transitioning that you might be interested in. In particular, this one might be helpful to you:

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And here’s an example rule that loosely covers the concept you mentioned.

Keep in mind that SharpTools rules are structured slightly different than WebCoRE rules. SharpTools rules start executing whenever any of the Trigger events occur. Once the rule is triggered, it runs through the Flow in order.

So in this example, whenever the Garage Door contact changes to open, the rule runs and checks if the Front Door is unlocked. If it’s unlocked, the multicolor lights are set to yellow… otherwise they are set to red.

One thing to note is many new SmartThings drivers report the setColor() command a bit differently than their Groovy equivalents, so if the color picker doesn’t show up for you, try flipping the ‘Advanced’ toggle on and change the data type using the button on the left to Color Map:




The old custom Device Handlers are dead or will be dead very soon. It is time to switch to Edge Drivers.


I appreciate your support! You nailed it, I had a nice well oiled machine and then poof. It is frustrating, ha. I have been crazy busy, and putting it off because of the pain, but I need to get this moving again. In Feb I looked at home assistant and a little at hubitat but didn’t have the time to fully integrate. I did install home assistant on my synology but then noticed I couldn’t install the full system because of the way I formatted my RAID. Like every project it just became much more involved backing up my server and reformatting for a platform I didn’t know if it was the solution I was looking for. I liked how home assistant pulled in my solar, floor heat, etc and was excited that somepeople had a sonar detector in their water softner to detect levels and send a text when it became low. Now I just want to be where I was!

Again I probably will take you up on help I need. Building up the inertia to tackle this


Yes, I mentioned that configuration option in my post above and the link I gave you on automations after Groovy also discusses that more detail. Basically you can proxy your devices on the Hubitat side and there are community built integrations that then let you use a hubitat to host Webcore as your rules engine, and leave your devices attached to the smartthings hub. But it’s a lot of work, a little clunky, and somewhat fragile.

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

I updated to those drivers (I think). I am finally getting to sharptools as well. With the old drivers the GE “button 2” was a down double click. What “button” or value do I use or find? I don’t see these options in sharptools. Thanks

I use the toggle up or down 2 Times commands.

Awesome, it worked. Thanks

Do you have inovelli switches and use the notification in sharptools?

I only have 1 Inovelli device a double plug that only gets used during the holidays.

I only use SharpTools for things that I can’t do using ST Routines. I prefer the local activation that you can get with ST Routines. But I do have a couple notifications in SharpTools using PushBullet.