New SmartThings button as Trigger in webCoRE?

I just got two Smartthings buttons and am trying to figure out how to best utilize them in webCoRE.

I see a value for “Pushed” and “Held” but not double press. Is there some way I can trigger off of a double press or has that not been implemented yet?

I believe I read somewhere that the device sadly does not support it.

It appears that it does support it, it at least recognizes when the button is pressed twice because it shows “pressed twice” in the recently tab. (In the smart things app)

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I checked to see if it had a double press “value” or whether it recognized it as multiple buttons, but it did neither. Just #1 button, and only pushed/held:

My dimmers have up to 5 taps up and 5 taps down plus hold up and hold down so 12 tap options… They show up as different buttons which I believe is the standard way of doing this:

What dimmers are you referring to?

HomeSeer HS-WD200+

They are pretty cool! I use the LEDs to alert me to open/unlocked doors, open overhead garage door, etc. During the day the LEDs are on with whatever color I picked if the condition is met and at night they blink if the condition is met.

Multiple taps are great to control other devices in the room such as table lamps, or even lights in the next room so you can avoid the back and forth (or pulling out phone, or using voice control).

It supports double press, but apparently webcore doesn’t support whatever method it’s using. Hard to tell how the device handler is processing double press since it’s a private handler. You could use smart lighting turning on a virtual switch for double press.

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Looks like webCore is dot detecting the “double” button value. In the IDE it shows that the device only has 1 button but 3 values:

Thanks for looking into it, those switches look nice also. Do they work even if I loose internet connectivity?

I had the same problem. The work around that I found is to change the pull down option “Compare to” from “Value” to “Expression” then for the expression put ‘double’. It seems to work fine.


You are amazing! Thank you for this comment.

Thank you so much.