Inovelli light switch (red series) doesn't show different button presses

I want to trigger different actions based on the number of times I hit the switch, but all presses just show up as “button press” in the log, not “button 1, button 2, etc”. I’m using the most up to date device handler directly from inovelli. Anyone else have this issue or have a solution? Thanks!

How did you try to create the automation?

There are three different methods:

From the device screen itself. This method is broken for a lot of devices.

From smartlighting under smart apps. This seems to work for pretty much everybody.

By choosing the + in the upper right on the main screen of the smartthings app, and then choosing automations. This works with some device type handlers, but not all.


Thanks @JDRoberts, yeah, it looks like the smart lighting app still works and shows buttons for the switches, but automations doesn’t. I’m also confused though, I expect in the device history for it to show “button 3” when I double tap up, but it just shows “button pushed”.

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