Getting started with 3 HomeSeer WD100+ switches

Hi, I’m a new Smartthings user and I’m still learning my way around the ecosytem. I’ve setup my V2 Hub, and installed three ZWave dimmer switches in my master bathroom (HomeSeer WD100+). I created a Custom Device Handler for the switches based on the one by DarwinsDen, and assigned it to each of the switches.

So far so good! I can see and control the switches from the SmartThings Classic app. However, I could use some help creating some simple (?) automations. Here is what I’d like to accomplish:

  • If I ‘double tap’ the up button on “Switch 1” (which Darwin’s devicehandler calles button1), I would like it to not only turn on Switch 1, but also turn on Switch 2 and Switch 3

  • If I ‘double tap’ the down button on “Switch 1” (button2 in the devicehandler), I would like it to not only turn off Switch 1, but also turn off Switch 2 and Switch 3.

Would anyone be up for helping me figure out how to setup these two actions?

Thank you!!

An easy way is to use Smart Lighting smartapp to configure this. Below is an example where I configured Smart Lighting to turn on a different light by triple tapping the on toggle. To turn it off I tripple tap the off button (button #4).

Edit: Kitchen Light is a HomeSeer WD200+ so very similar to the one that you are using.

To configure the double and triple tap, you really should install the smartapp Advanced Button Controller (ABC). Take a look at this: [BETA] Advanced Button Controller (ABC)

I think once you get that installed, you can probably use the Smart Lighting smartapp in ST to get the actions you want (I’d have to look at that more, to be sure, though).

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I got it working! Thank you for the help! I ended up using the Advanced Button Controller SmartApp.

Next question: Can I set the dimming ramp as part of an automation? It appears I can set it for the switch using parameters in the Switch settings, but if I want one automation to ramp at a different rate then another, how would I do that?

The community here is awesome, thanks for the support and help!

As far as I’m aware the app doesn’t provide the ability to set ramp rates during an automation. I don’t know if WebCoRE can do this or not. The ramp rate is a z-wave device parameter that would need to be sent/adjusted as part of the automation and then set back to different value for “normal” operations. I also would recommend checking the HomeSeer site for updates to the device handlers as they release them there when there’s updates for the switches.

You can use the “gentle wake up” smart app. You can pick the start/stop percentage and time to dim.