Switch with customizable led

Aside from Inovelli and HomeSeer, are there any other switches that have a customizable led? I intend to use it to notify me of the status of my lock (lock or unlocked). I have a neutral at the location, so that’s not an issue. Can either be zigbee or z-wave. Just want to make sure I am not missing anything from other brands.

You can do this on the Zooz Zen32 scene controller (which does have one button that can act as a switch if required). You will have 5 LEDs to work with.

There is an issue in ST app right now in that Routines is not exposing anything other than the main button options. You can get around that with SharpTools.

EDIT: I should have added that I am actually doing what you describe on one of my Zen32s. The main button LED shows red if the garage door is open and green if closed. And two of the other four buttons do the same for two other doors for unlocked and locked. I can also lock the doors (or close the garage) with a push of those buttons.


The newer Zooz 700 series and 800 series switches/dimmers also allow their LED color to be controlled. No fancy animations like Inovelli, but you can do basic things like set the color via Routines.


Thanks for the additional suggestions. I will look into those as well.


I’m not seeing this on mine–I’m able to control the other 4 LEDs with routines. Are you experiencing this on iOS or Android? (I have Android)

Ah okay. I’m using iOS. I didn’t realize Android was okay.