Excess Inovelli Multi-Channel Switches in Smart Lighting

I had to exclude my Z-Wave Inovelli MC switch yesterday and add it back to my SmartThings Hub (v02). When I added it, it chose Mariano’s(sp?) Z-Wave Switch & Child MC Driver (which is a good thing). I then went into settings and created the child switches per Mariano’s directions. I then renamed the two switches to what I use them for. I have two routines in Smart lighting that use one of the switches. When I went into Smart lighting, I noticed that I now have the two Mc child-switches that I named, but I also have two others: Inovelli MC Outlet switch1 and Inovelli MC Outlet switch2. These do not appear in the SmartThings Android app. They don’t show up in the my.smartthings.com/advanced web page. They only show up in Smart lighting. I probably shouldn’t be concerned about this because I know I can ignore them, but is there a way to get rid of them? Or should I just not worry about them? Thanks.

Hi @rcbjr2

What you are seeing is the switch1 component of the inovelli device and the created chil device that is the child of the switch1 component

both drive the same physical switch.

It’s weird that I only see it in Smart lighting. I assume, though, it’s nothing to worry about, so I’ll just ignore them and use the ones that I renamed. Thanks.

They are also seen in routines.

in routines the multi component device you have to open it to see the main and switch1 components

You can use either of the two, they are synchronized so they control the same device

Ah, I see them now in Routines as well. Thanks for the info. They were probably around before I had to exclude/include the device, but I just didn’t see them before. Thanks!