Use button to turn on at different brightnesses

I have started setting up lighting around the house, and I have a couple ST buttons in use. On the next phase of my setup, I want to include my kids bedrooms. But there is one thing I’d like to do, and can’t seem to find a way to do it. One child has to get up in the night to use the bathroom, and I’d like to put in a button by his bed that when he pushes is, it turns on his bedroom light, the hall light and one bulb in the bathroom, but all three at about 10-15 brightness. Then, a push of the button and they all go off.

I’ve been trying to test this with the button I have now, and the problem is, if I use the “push one” on the button, I can turn the light on at a certain brightness, but I can’t use it to turn it back off. So the problem comes in mainly with the hallway, for example, where I have another button that is set to switch power state. It will turn the bulb on and off, but the bulb is now at 10% brightness.

The only other option is to have it bump the brightness back to 100%, then turn off, but I have to bring his room light back up to in all of this, and the point is not to blind him.

So, what I need to figure out is how do I have the button set to toggle the power state, at a certain brightness?

Using smart lighting app, sounds like this is what you are looking for

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Just for info, I use a virtual dimmer to control three dimmers in my kitchen. I usually turn the v.dimmer on and off via Alexa.

I’ve noticed that it first turns the lights on and then adjusts the level. So they come on at whatever level was last used.

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The Lighting Automation is exactly what I needed. It looks like you are using the classic app, so I downloaded that, and found the smart lights app, but then I realized that starting out, it looks a lot like the Automation part of the new app. And it turns out, it is. I wouldn’t have thought to ever look for this under automations, because to me, that would be things that are, you know, automated, which means doing it completely on it’s own.

A huge thank you for the info.