Smart Lighting Toggle Behaviour?

I am trying to setup a SmartThings button, to toggle to state of a LIFX bulb in a lamp. The problem is if a source other than the button turns the light off or on, it gets out of sync and requires a double press to function…meaning my wife is more than likely just going to kill it at the switch making it not work at all as a smart light anymore.

I read a response in a thread that said this was resolved in the new apps smart light automation, but I am not finding that to be the case for me. Is there a way to have it actually check the state of the bulb and toggle it, rather than assuming the state?

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The new app button automation setup works correctly. It’s done from the device’s oage. I have the same issue with Smart Lights toggle.

Hmm, Could you be more specific on how you set it up? I used the new app / automations / Smart Lighting / Trigger Button / On- Toggle

Go to the device page for the button and tap the press option you want.

Then choose the light, probably need to take the light again and tap switch power state.

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Oh duh. I was so use to the old app I never even thought to look there. Thanks!

You can also resolve that issue using webCore. I found that I had that issue with an Aon WallMote. I solved the problem by firing the event via webCore with command optimization disabled. My theory is that ST does not always know the true state of what you are trying to trip and therefore does not always send the command.

I haven’t had a single hiccup since coding via webCore on several WallMotes. There is still a very small lag, but it’s less then a second and multple pushes are never needed.