Iris smart button & smart light bulb for a nightlight timer?

Hi guys. I have been reading up on smart light bulbs & switches & I would like to try the following.: control a smart bulb in my sons night lamp with an iris smart button. I want to be able to turn on & off the bulb with the iris button. Also I’m looking to set a timer & dimmer on it but I really want to power it off. Is this setup possible. I’m not looking to do the phillips hue because it’s only a night lamp.

Assuming you also have the SmartThings hub, you should be able to turn it on and off easily with the official “smart lighting” feature.

You won’t be able to do dimming from the iris smart button, however.

Yes I do & thank you very much.

You can also use the “power allowance” feature in smart lighting to set the bulb on a timer.

I’m looking to set a timer with the light being dim & then shut off & also an on/off switch if he’s in his room b4 bedtime.