One touch button to turn on dimmer at xx%?

Ok, I’ve been playing with ST for as week or so and I am trying to figure out how to have a button in the Smart App that I can define as a nite lite. I want to turn on my Linear dimmer switch and have it dim to 5% to be a nite lite in the bathroom.

Would I do this with a virtual switch?


How are you triggering this “event”?

It’s more an exercise in a proof of concept. Right now I just want a button on my SmartApp. I have to think through the “Bathroom Nite Lite” project a little more. I could simply set it for 8:30pm when my kids go to sleep and turn it off at 6am Mon - Fri.

Open to suggestions of course.

Would you like it to be motion triggered?

If it were me i’d have it triggered by motion. Stays off until you need it. If thats the case we can make that happen today. Plenty of smart apps to do this.

Hmm, I think I’d rather have it on as a nite lite for the simple reason that when someone gets up and out of bed, the house it pitch black. The kids like to be able to at least see a little bit, hence the nite lite.

So ok, let’s say the timer turns the light on to 5% at 8:30pm. How can I reset the 5% dim if my wife goes in at say 9pm and uses the switch to turn the light up to 100%.

From what I’ve read, I don’t think the ST Hub will recognize that the light dim% has been manually changed at the switch.


Is it an in wall switch?

Yep, it’s a Linear dimmer switch. I figured out a few ways to do this last night. 1, I found that I could create a Lighting control in the app that let me specify the dimmer setting, so I have a one button Night Light button in my Lights and Switches group.

2nd, I figured out how to use Make It So to do it. Basically got it set how I want it and installed the app and that would do it as well.

I’m going to try the motion activated version as I think it might be simpler/more convenient. Any other thoughts, fire away.


I think you have the top 3 ways to do it in your post.

Just gotta find whats best for you. Enjoy!