SmartThings Button Doesnt Work For Switch State

I bought one of the new SmartThings buttons to put on our nightstand so we could toggle a couple lights on and off in the house without getting Alexa involved. Button discovered instantly and it stalled. But when I went to set up the single press action to “switch power state” and then “done” it says “A network or server error occured. Please try again later”. If I set it to almost any other action, like turn on or turn off, it saves correctly.

So I went over into classic thinking maybe I could do it in there but the options to set press, double press, and press and hold aren’t in classic at all. So I have to use the new app to set those actions. But again setting switch power State doesn’t work for any of the three actions, each one gives that same error.

Yes I’ve contacted support and no I haven’t gotten a reply yet so I figured I’d try here and see if anybody had any other ideas. For now I have single press turning the lights on at 80%, double press turning them on at 40% and press and hold turning them off. This all works fine but I’d really like to have single press as just a toggle on and off especially since it’s an option that should work.

Is there not an option for the following:

If light is on
Button is pressed
Then turn off

If light is off
Button is pressed
Then turn on

I don’t use the New App but I thought you could do this with the stock rule engine.

Have you tried this?

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I haven’t used any SmartLighting rules because the rules are built into the button and should work:

They just don’t for toggle. I can try using SmartLighting and seeing if it can do it but it doesn’t make sense to use something outside of what the button does already. It just doesn’t work currently.

I can’t imagine I’m the first person that wanted to use a button to toggle the state of something…they’ve been out for like 9 months

Have you found a fix to this issue? I purchased a button today and have the exact problem. I can get it to turn on and trying off by explicit on/off rules in the button config but TOGGLE POWER STATE won’t work. I’m using it to turn on/off an outlet.

Hi All,
I just tried to do the exact same setup using the ST Button and ST Plug. What I am trying to achieve is to use the button to turn on the Aquarium pump connected to a ST Plug. When I try to configure the “Pressed” action button (when the :switch Power State” is set to on), I also get the message “Network Error: Couldn’t add automation”

Creating the “Smart Lighting” automation works but it should also work the other way as well.

I hope somebody fixes this bug soon.

I did finally get it setup correctly. Then like two days after I got it working I got a reply from tech support with a work around (which I guess I stumbled upon myself):

“We request you to remove the automation from your account and add the automation. Then, you have to go back in and select the switch and “Switch Power State” again, but instead of hitting done and saving the automation, tap on the device again. They should now see the “on” and “off” options grayed out, and the “Switch Power State” option still toggled on. Please hit “done” and save the automation, and see if it works.”

I just notices that each click (single/double/hold) has 3 options:
Turn On or turn off

If you choose the third option it will toggle each time you click - which means that this button can be used for 6 different operations.
This is working great for me. I have also used this option with a Virtual Switch that is used with IFTTT to open and close shutters and it works great.

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Yeah, they fixed the issues it used to have thankfully. Unfortunately when they made the update to fix the interface it actually broke my automation but it was easy to set back up.

Having seen it suggested in other threads that the V3 app gets it right, I was disappointed to discover that ‘turn on or turn off’ seems to suffer from the same problem as Smart Lighting. It doesn’t actually toggle the current state of the lights, it just does the opposite of what it did last time.

Did anyone find a solution to this issue.
Where the button only toggles the last state it was pressed, rather than actually looking at the state of the switch it’s controlling?

I tend to use two Smart Lighting automations for toggles. One that turns the switch on but only if it is off, and one that turns the switch off but only if it is on. Although it sounds like it might not work, it does, and I’ve always assumed the app is subscribing to changes in its restrictions rather than directly checking on them in real time. I also sometimes use webCoRE as that has its own toggle command.


Wow, I will try that. Thanks for the tip

Thanks for your help.
Actually, not long after placing the post on here, I came up with the same solution that you use. It actually works well. Just one extra automation to create, so not too onerous. Shame I have to use the Smart Lighting App though, rather than using the Automations in the new Samsung App.