Use Aeotec Doorbell Speaker to control Google

I have a Aeotec Doorbell Speaker that I use to announce things. I recorded different mp3’s, and then use WebCore to have the speaker announce them: “There is someone in the driveway” or “The basement door has been opened”.

I want Google to announce these things. I have a three story house with detached garage with many Google devices, but only one Speaker. I have tried several times to get ghesp’s Google Relay Assistant to work - I just can’t. It’s beyond what I can do.

What I’m thinking - Instead of having the Speaker say: “There is someone in the driveway” can I have the Speaker say: “Hey Google, Broadcast There is someone in the driveway” and since it would be with my voice, Google would then broadcast “There is someone in the driveway” from each speaker.

I believe this would work - thoughts??

I agree that Google Relay is precipitously difficult, I would install cast-web-api, it’s far more straightforward to install and way more rewarding once you have it, there’s even a video install process that is very helpful on the install notes.


Wait wait, what’s all this then??? I haven’t heard of this one!!!

Yes it’s actually easier to install and use afterwards. It turns your Google devices into Music Players, just like a Sonos, so you can easily pick the device in WebCoRE, and speak, send mp3’s, change volume, and broadcast if you have Assistant integrated, and none of those weird variables with names…


So can it be dumbed down? I really would only want pre-recorded mp3’s to be announced. I don’t need it for music. I have 8 Google speaker things. Do I need a Chromecast device? I have a spare Windows PC to run - would the mp3’s be on the PC as well? I’m making my way through that entire thread to try to understand it better.

So back to this - I looked at the above mentioned cast-web-api, I can’t get it working, and it doesn’t look like the creator is really interested in it anymore (hey, he has a life too!) so I’m back to wondering about the Aeotec speaker.