Using Google Home (assistant) speaker for notifications/alarms?

Has anyone come up with a way to have events trigger google home speaker.

For example, the driveway sensor is tripped–so google home announces that someone is pulling in the driveway.
Or there is unexpected movement–so google home plays audio of a dog barking…

Any ideas?


Wouldn’t be possible yet. The google assistant API comes out in December though so I am excited to see what will come with that :slight_smile:

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This would be fantastic. I have 3 GH’s and would love to be able to push announcements to them. Arrivals, departures, sounds when my SkyBell rings, etc.

Has anybody been able to get the GH hack that @flakhany posted about to work?

I did this using the Generic MediaRenderer app, bubbleupnp server on an android tablet and “big talker” (or other Sonos compatible media app in the smartapps). The bubbleupnp server running on an old tablet can be used to creater DNLA media renderers for any of your chromecasts (including Google Home). Once that is set up, you can add them as devices using the Generic MediaRenderer app. You can then use any Sonos app or other app compatible with media devices to “speak” over those new devices. Hope this helped!


Tried this, but I can only get it to play the events notification on the local renderer in bubbleupnp. Any suggestions?

Did you install the server version of bubbleupnp? Also, did you then create a DNLA media renderer for your google home?

I got this working but I have long delays before any sound/text to speech is played. About 6-10 seconds before I get any sound using Big Talker.

What kind of delays are you experiencing with this?

Yes, using Tasker + SharpTools + AutoCast. I posted some screenshot of the setup here Door Sensor + Google Home + IFTTT

Right now I am still testing with a multi-sensor. Next to do is set up some garage door sensors that GH will announce when opened or closed.


Yeah - I have been having some trouble with delay and also kicking my chromecasts off my network. Was a good excuse (and it was time) for a new router. I’ve got the google wifi on its way, so I will see what it is like then.

Got it working. Noticing the same 5 - 6 second delay.

Another thing I guess is if you have music etc playing on GH, it will interrupt and won’t continue playing after the announcement. That’s a bummer.

How do you like your new router? Been thinking about getting one.

Hi what the best way to get notifications/alarms on GH?

I know R1 and other speaker can do this but I do not want to spend money on speaker I need to save money to buy others GH for my house :slight_smile: .

I haven’t heard of a good way of doing this without needing a separate device.

I was surprised to find this wasn’t supported. I know of two other HA systems that can. OpenHab recognizes it as a Chromecast device and thus registers it as a speaker. Then again, as I understand it ST doesn’t have Chromecast capability yet.

I’m no programmer but it seems the ability is out there.

After reading about it on other threads I decided to try running bubbleupnp server on one of my computers to turn my google home into a dlna device that ST could work with. I have to say that it works pretty well. ST is now sending TTS weather forecasts to my GH speaker daily and it will also give TTS alerts for my three water sensors and my combustible gas sensor.

How long would it say it took you to set it all up? Thinking of doing it myself.

It is just a matter of downloading the software on either a pc or android device, using it to turn your GH into a dlna media renderer, then utilizing the tts smart app of your choice to setup notifications. I did find that the device that the server software runs on has to stay online in order for this to work. If the device goes to sleep your GH no longer functions as a dlna media device. Overall it took me about 15 minutes.

How do you get the Castv2-client to run?