Google Home + SmartThings = Announcer for doors, motion, and everything else, I hope

I’ve previously used BigTalker with LanNouncer, and an old junk phone connected to a Bluetooth speaker and successfully had triggers on whatever I wanted to say, “Front door is now opened” or “Garage Motion Sensor now Active” or “Your thermostat is now heating” etc. Everything works great, after a ridiculous amount of troubleshooting etc. Then, as is typical, updates come out, stuff doesn’t work and we start all over again. I think this is retarded.
Enter, Google Home. Theoretically, everything should be built in, speaker, bluetooth, wifi, and it connects directly to the Smartthings Hub, effortlessly. So, the question is, how in the world can we get Smartthings to send an audio trigger to Google Home devices to announce these events?

Seems pretty simple, but I haven’t found anything that works, and I know there’s someone out there smarter than me that has this figured out already. Thanks in advance. This just seems like it should be one of the first things programmed into home automation, and it’s not.


Basically they same way your previously did. Use the Google Home as a Bluetooth speaker. Google doesn’t allow messages to be pushed from outside sourches directly.

That’s too simple the thought didn’t even cross my mind. Thank you!

Ever tried sending to multiple BT device? Ex: Bluetooth speaker, Google Home, Google Home Mini? That way it’s announced on multiple floors. Still seems like there should be a way to integrate the 2 with built in communication.

This is possible but it’s not exactly easy.

You need to run this service:

You need WebCore.

Write rules within WebCore which make an HTTP Request to your service fired on the events you desire.

I have it all running fine on my network, be it a bit clunky,

There is a chromecast device type with a node.js service that does the job

This is what I’m using…works great, relies on node.js, doesn’t use TTS so any music playing will auto-resume after the announcement, and provides a smartapp & DTH which removes need to use http/Post request, so entering your announcements (say in webCore) is very simple, just type the text, no formatting/URL required.

Example webCore piston I use w/it to list any open doors or windows when I trip a virtual switch by telling Google Home “goodnight”:

Example entering a broadcast in webCore:


Dana. When I import a9igv, the if/then statements are missing. It’s like starting a new piston. Was this removed? Thanks

If you have migrated to Google Assistant Relay v2 and are looking for a smartapp to send notifications check out this forum post