Will Google Home work as a siren/door chime?

I’m thinking about purchasing a google home speaker to use with my ST v2 hub. I see that it is compatible with ST but I’m not sure what all the current capabilities are.

Has anyone been able to use the speaker as a SHM alert siren or door chime? I assume you can execute routines and toggle things but I’m curious what else it can do…

At this point, there’s no direct way for Google Home to initiate a conversation / action. Every interaction has to start with “Ok Google” being said. (With the exception of some Google provided functionality, like an alarm / timer)

It is possible to use Google Home as a Chromecast Device – that does not work from Smartthings directly, but you can have a 3rd device on your home network (like a raspberry pi) that communicates with the Smartthings hub and then sends sound to Google Home.

Thanks, I think I have an extra pi around here somewhere… I’ll give this a whack this weekend, hopefully, there isn’t too much of a delay.

I will be interested in what you do with GH and a Pi.
I already have one working to a LightwaveRF hub as these devices cannot be integrated into ST.
This way they can be controlled with CoRE pistons.

I am trying to get Echositent to do this with Alexa.