Speaker announcements - Google Assistant | Sonos


I am looking for a way to make my speakers announce simple things, for example when a door opens i want to hear a ‘hello’.

I have a Google nest speaker and a Sonos speaker. For both i work with the Google Assistant. Unfortunately Alexa isnt available in my language, so thats not an option. Once i get it to work i want to buy more speakers, probably the nest ones will be good enough for announcements (much cheaper as sonos).

What would be the best way to approach this? Ive read about things like bigspeaker, castweb and more. All seem to have some issues and look like they will be very hard to install for me.
I would prefer just an app instead of getting myself into trouble with a node.js server. But if thats the way to go i will try that. Also i found that some of these have problems with the new app and some have been discontinued.

So my question is: What would be the best way to get announcements over my speakers in 2021?

Hey this has worked well for me

I use a spare old Android phone to run it but you could use a Raspberry pi if you wanted.

My Sonos speakers are added to SmartThings as devices. I then use automations to play a message on the speaker when something happens. This has been very reliable.

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Like @siwilson said, get a SmartThings hub, add Sonos to SmartThings, Add sensors to SmartThings and then use Automations in the SmartThings app.