Uproar? Really?

Smartthings Community in an Uproar




Just maybe if these kind of blogs start popping up, the decision makers at ST will take notice. Social media may be the death nell. Either the system has surpassed their own in house expertise? They don’t have the funds to scale up enough? Who knows because there is almost zero transparency on what is going on.

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Are you the cheerleader-type or hater-type, cause I don’t get the onomatopoeia?!? :slight_smile:

“There are always optimistic cheerleader-types and hater-types on any forum”

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I just want this fix. :slight_smile: I am heavily invested in both Zwave and Zigbee AND SMARTTHINGS as a platform so I want to see it successful but since V2 came out, all I see is constant issues after each “upgrade”. 1 steps forward and 2 step back it seems.


I have both V1 and V2, but have migrated to V2 yet. V1 is basically working fine for me for now, and with the problem with V2 and lack of the fabled migration tool. I hope things drastically improve sooner rather than later with SmartThings.

I tend to think uproar is appropriate for the media who like catchy headlines. Of course it isn’t an uproar.

However, it is to the level that I would be disappointed if it failed to get coverage.


Authored anonymously (“Ms Smith”) … WTF?

She’s written a gossip piece with no attempt to contact SmartThings (or anyone, apparently, including interviewing Community members?) to provide corroboration and balancing viewpoints.

If anyone is pleased to see this type of negative spotlight on the SmartThings Community, then consider that this sort of hack-assed attention is likely to have Samsung SmartThings closing or aggressively moderating the forum.


Anyone who follows Cyber Security closely knows who Ms. Smith is. What part of the article was incorrect? We all love ST and want it to work. What is it going to take?


Samsung’s and SmartThings’s own will and effort.

I don’t think they are inclined to be influenced by random lazy hacky blog coverage. This Community is open and searchable; the article was mostly cut/paste.

Meanwhile there are plenty of ways to cover SmartThings issues from (and for) the consumer perspective that have been neglected by all media.

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I don’t get what is wrong with the article. The body looked pretty factual to me.

Migration tool promise not kept = check
Typical response from Support = check (has been my experience)
Bruce pulled his app over the aggravation = check
Bruce being told his app was never submitted for review = check
Bruce proving it was submitted for review = check
Accurate description of what RM was = check
Description of how many people relied on RM = check

I’m at a loss on how it was “lazy hacky blog coverage”


I think I would respectfully disagree here. Yes, she is taking the easy way out citing the SmartThings community. But she is just the messenger.

This is a lot better, however, than C-Net who has “tired” of SmartThings (what is that?).

I think the ball is in SmartThings court to turn this around.


I’ve always said, be careful what you wish for as it might just happen!

[quote=“tgauchat, post:1, topic:27254”]
Why do you think SmartThings has not received, as far as I am aware, any significantly negative reviews from professional / mainstream media; even in the USA where the product has over 100,000 Customers? Heck, I haven’t even found any SmartThings-specific negative blogs or vlogs.[/quote]


Touché… :wink::stuck_out_tongue::egg:

Though in my “defense”…

  1. I emphasize I was aiming for more “professional” views.

  2. I was hoping more focus on the Consumer experience (which she mentions just a bit), and definitely not wishing for news that was triggered by, and focused on, a Community Developer’s actions.


Because it reads like a personal gripe about Rule Machine, and totally misses the bigger story.

The “community uproar” isn’t about Bruce pulling Rule Machine. Bruce is a part of the community! The uproar is over the platform instability that has been going on for almost a full month.

There’s definitely a news story here, and I can’t quite figure out why all of the news outlets that reviewed SmartThings v1 and v2 hubs haven’t covered it. But the news story isn’t that a community developer pulled access to an app that he built for himself. The news story is that SmartThings hasn’t solved these database issues yet.

And also… that blog post is anonymous. Seriously? If you believe something and you want to pass it off as journalism, put your name on it.


Interesting how two people can read something and get a whole different context. Upon rereading it, and can see how it can be interpreted as a gripe about Rule Machine. I didn’t take that perspective at all. I took it from a view that Smartthings has been under-delivering since the announcement of the V2 hub. I think part of the “uproar” is about ST has, for whatever reason, not delivered and some devs are pulling their hard work off the platform. The “uproar” is the system has gotten so broken that even the community apps aren’t working. I wholly agree that Bruce is part of the community. At it feels like brethren are getting slighted by corporate and I don’t like it.

I think Bruce pulling his app is part of the story. Up to the point that he is part of the “uproar”.

I agree on the anonymous part. That’s pretty childish.

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“Ms. Smith” is an intentional pseudonym by a Network World author who primarily covers privacy and security issues ( get it?). The column has appeared for at least 5 years and the author’s credibility and professionalism are well-established.

I was surprised because the topic didn’t fit the usual subject matter.


Nope. :unamused:

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Privacy and security expert writes for a major trade publication using an author photo with a big hat and sunglasses under the declared pseudonym of “Smith.” As in, “you may find me, but I won’t make it easy for you.”

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