Thank you SmartThings!

To all folks at SmartThings! Without you, my home would be boring, quiet and a lot dumber!

Thank you!


I can definitely agree with this. I’ve been with ST for about 1.5 years now. I have almost 100 devices and I’m very happy with what it does for myself and family.


Been virtually trouble free for months, ~ August. Thankful for all the work that went into making that happen.


And a lot more predictable LOL

Thankful too. Thank you ST.


I too am thankful for dead poultry on a plate and Smartthings. -and green beans amandine.

Maybe time to change your badge to:

@alex I love what you did!


Hold your horses there, I have no reason to believe he had anything to do with this. My guess is this was despite Alex.

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I’m having the opposite experience. Over a year in, my home is more psychotic and neurotic thanks to SmartHome. Routines are still hit-or-miss, the Android presence sensor seems to register but SHM ignores it, and now the Android app can’t even clear the alerts.

Suddenly my Siamese cat seems well adjusted.

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C’mon man, is NOT what SmartThings can do with your home, BUT what YOU can do with Smartthings!!! Loool

Thanks to the community here as well :slight_smile: It is awesome being able to work with you guys - regardless if its troubleshooting Zigbee networks or working through issues in the cloud or just talking shop. Hard to believe that this is “work” and can’t imagine ever going back to a C2C or any “normal” dev shop again…


Great to see a positive thread raised. The system does still have a lot of problems but nonetheless I’m enjoying the smart home project.