Fed UP: Platform Stability Issues

The past 2-3 weeks have made me question why I stick with SmartThings. On the surface it appears to be an amazing, well thought out platform, but I’m starting to think their service has severe design problems. I’ve had SEVERAL instances of missed schedules via SmartApps, delayed actions, and reversed AM/PM. Each trouble ticket is met with an acknowledgement of an issue on SmartThings’ end, and an apology.

Is there a plan in place to stabilize the platform or should I think about moving on to a different solution all together?


I feel your pain. I’ve been researching other solutions, and smartThings seems to be the most affordable. Hopefully the V2 hub makes things better.

Like @Keo said right now ST is the place to be. I’ve been experiencing problems since I started but no other platform offers the features I want. Hopefully the wakeup call has already been heard by ST because if someone else comes out with a platform that has similar flexibility but can guarantee more stability they’ll have a lot of people jumping ship. I’m hoping that the past 2-3 weeks of instability are because they’re furiously upgrading things and drinking massive amounts of energy soda.

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It’s been months since my ST setup has worked anywhere near expectations. ST seems to be basically a beta product, that is being sold as a fully functional solution. They have a lot of potential, but potential means nothing ultimately if it is never realized. That’s the most irritating thing, the marketing of the product isn’t the reality of the product.

I still hold out hope. The devs here in the forums are amazing. You can communicate directly with upper mgmt also in the forums, which is quite awesome. There’s just a bit too much over promising and under delivering.

Just my .02. If there were something leaps and bounds better, we wouldn’t be griping here, we’d be busy setting that system up.


Yea it’s all surprising since Samsung bought them. I wonder if anything maybe that’s distracted them… Like with the BMW… Make my plug work first… then worry about cars later.

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i belive they are focusing on hub v2 :smile: i hope it fixes all the problems


Yea, I just feel a little jaded about that having just purchased my hub…

This is exactly the debate I got into with the CEO after the announcement…and post buy-out the typical path has been taken…degraded service and failed promises…maybe due to the integration to SamSung-world. Only some companies make it out of the post buyout successfully and strengthened, and I certainly hope its ST.

I know how you feel, but unfortunately that is how Technology works. I remember when the first iPhone came out, Apple had a huge price tag on it and then a few months later it lowered the price. People were ticked about that. Luckily I believe Apple offered something to the people that were early adopters.

You never know, maybe smartThings will offer a discounted price to people that currently have a V1 hub. One can only hope.

Isn’t Nest still doing OK?

I agree with you. It’s gotten so bad at my house the last few weeks that people have actually started using light switches and keys instead of letting the smartHome do it’s thing. The Idea of a smart Home is to not think about what you are doing, the house just does it. The manual method should be the back up. It seems like these last few weeks, people in my house don’t trust the automation so they’ve gone back to doing things manually.

I don’t think cherry picking one company over another as an example has value. The common thread of buyouts not always going well is what it is. We all are sitting here with fingers crossed with not a whole lot of feedback from ST, which understandably frustrates power users and newbies alike.

I was just trying to give the topic a silver lining.

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I am just about done with this platform. Every day something different fails to work. I have been using SmartThings for a year now and the reliability seems to be getting worse, not better. I’m honestly afraid to sink any more money into my setup.


I am just about at that point.

Keep getting the same B.S. - We are working to make it better, fixing this, fixing that, etc.

I am having issues with just the basic things

My roommate’s presence detection has been failing a lot lately. Right now she is home but SmartThings doesn’t think so. This, on top of regular delays with lights turning on, apps not running or not running correctly. I would gladly pay a monthly fee for a competitor system that actually works.

Yea I’d say they’re passing with a D. But they’re in art school and their idea for their thesis is really cool so I still stay invested… How sad of me…

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Feel free to donate your things to me if you really are getting rid of it.

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Most of my devices are Z-Wave so I can take them with me.

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I think it’s time for @alex to chime in. These past two weeks has been awful and we need a State of the Union from him. When is v2 coming? What is going on with the infrastructure right now?

This has been going on for weeks for me. At one point my garage opened when I was well out of my presence range.