Updating Hue name changes

Why is it that ST doesnt update the names of Hue bulbs when they are changed?? Doesnt ST poll the Hue bridge for information? I mean even Alexa figures it out, although all she does is add them as new devices that have been ‘discovered’.
It’s been 18hrs since I changed the names of some of the lights in Hue app, yet ST hub still shows the old names.
Is Smartthings to dumb to figure this out?

Did your Hue names update when you were able to add the 2 hue bulbs earlier?

@jkp actually they did not. Would have been nice after finding out about the app outage that maybe it was related, but sadly no.

Same issue here.I’ve even tried rebooting both hubs and pressing the button and running discovery.

oh well, just opening a ticket to Support. Again.
this is my 4th issue in less than 2 weeks. Its getting ridiculous.
I’m starting to regret returning the Wink2…

In the meantime, you can simply edit your bulbs in Things and give them a label name that corresponds to what you named them in Hue.

When they are first discovered, the Name and Label gets populated to something like this.

Stored in IDE:

How they are modified with any name changes made in Hue, I’m not so sure. I haven’t messed with anything for many months now, so I don’t know if renames previously made it on their own over to ST. I do recall however that I edited each one of my bulbs in ST and gave them a name to my liking by simply editing and modifying the Name (Label). So until support gets back to you, you can relabel the bulbs to anything you want. This has 0 impact on how they function. The bulbs are already added as children to the Bridge in ST and they are related via the Network ID from the bulb itself.

Goto Things, Select bulb, press the Gear icon and modify the Name:

Did support ever get back to you about this? I’ve just run into the same problem and resorted to renaming the lights manually, but it would be nice to know if there’s a “method”!

This seems to be and issue on most systems. I just ran into this issue with ST and Alexa. It would be nice if Hue could push out the changes to other systems.

Been so long I forgot all about it. So decided to try it again.
Maybe it was one of the several firmware updates. Maybe just timing. But whatever the case it no longer seems to be an issue.
I went into Hue and renamed 3 bulbs and the associated light “room”. Gave it about 3-5 minutes, thinking I may have to reboot one of the 2 hubs. Went into ST app (the original one) and sure enough the names did change from Rec Room to Family Room. The only manual edit I needed to do in ST was for the Trend Setter smart app and room I created for it. (note: I also changed the GE fan switch in ST from Rec Room to Family Room)

In order for Alexa to pick it up, I went to the Alexa smart app in ST and went over the list. Hit ‘save’ to refresh it, then went into Alexa and did a “Discover my devices”. This is where it gets funny. Alexa picked up every Hue and ST change except the GE fan switch name change. Annoying as that was, all I needed was to remove the fan switch and rediscover again.

So for the most part everything is working as you would expect.