Hue lights not updating

So I’ve seen this is an issue that has been reported for years but nothing were posted about it recently.

I integrate my hue bridge into the ST hub, everything went fine (except it did not find the rooms/zones and I had to move the bulbs by myself). Now I added bulbs, moved some, and changed names, nothing is reflected in the app.

Support has been totally ineffective, both in response time and in pertinence. Is this still an known issue or I am doing something wrong ?

Do you use the classic or new app?

The name change is a known issue as they will not automatically update between the hue app and ST app. You will need to manually change the name in ST for those bulbs that you changed in the hue app.

I use the new app which was last updated 23 Feb 2020, my hub is gen 3

So ok for the name change but I still does not see my new bulbs into the app

I would assume if you go through the hue integration in the new app, it should discover the new bulbs.

You mean redoing the process while the Hue hub is still integrated in the app ?
If yes then I already did this and nothing changed.

If you mean, remove your hue bridge from the ST app, then redo the integration process again then yes, obviously I will get updated bulbs, but it will remove the existing bulbs and there’s no way I start reconfigure their location + automation every-time and need to change something on my bridge.

Yes, that is the one I was referring to. I would definitely never recommend that anyone remove devices/integrations. :slight_smile:

Sorry I was unable to assist.

I will retry it tonight, just to make sure.

There is hue integration issues since at least 5 years and support cannot help, so to be honest I will probably send back the hub and move toward an Habitat Elevation

Usually they show up when you Scan för new devices.

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Hey there! @Zangdaarr sorry for the delayed response at this time,

When changing the name of a Phillips Hue device in the native “Cloud” application such as the Phillips Hue Application, you would also need to change the names of the devices in the new ST application as it does not auto-populate the changes you’ve made and they would have to be done manually.

I will tag your post as feedback for the developers to review the feature request for the ST app.

I hope this message finds you well!


What about the added lights not showing up ?

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Thank you for following up with me.

I would recommend giving this support article a try for further troubleshooting steps.

Here is the article:

Additionally, you can reach out to the support team to have them take a look at your system setup.

Actually, the bulbs can be controlled, they are just not updated when I add one.

Also have a ticket with the support, they answered once and went dead since.

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