How to add Hue bulbs in SmartThings using Hue bridge?

I just got a Hue brigde and Hue bulbs today. I would assume there are benefits of connecting the bulbs to Hue Bridge and then connect the bridge to SmartThings. Can someone clarify how best to integrate Hue bulbs with Smartthings? As I see quite some threads in here about people connection the Hue Bulbs directly to SmartThings.

I installed the bridge, connected to the bridge in the Hue app. Then in the Hue app I connected a couple of bulbs.
And I updated all firmware to latest.

Then in SmartThings app, I have added Hue Bridge as a Thing, but it doesn’t do anythings. I thought that was just to establish the connection.
Then I thought I could add the bulbs by adding a new Thing. But nothing shows.

What am I doing wrong?

My recommendation is to 1st connect Hue Bulbs to the Hue Bridge/App. Then you can manage routines and automation via Smartthings app. The new bulbs show up automatically in ST. When you load the ST app, do you see the Hue Bulbs under things? Its been so long since I first set this up, I hope I’m not missing a step.

That is exactly what I did, and now it works :slight_smile:
I now see the bulbs automatically in the smartthings app.
I dont know if it either because I was looking under the room name, but I see it just calls them “Hue spot 1”, of if was because I closed the smartthings app, and started it again.

Thanks for confirming


Do what Robin said to change the names in ST (cog or gear icon).

If you change them in the Hue App they won’t update with the new names in SmartThings. At least that has been the behavior from others and also confirmed by an ST staff member.

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Good point, not changing the name in Hue app.

Another Hue question.
I would like to set my phone alarm for 6.30 in the morning. And I would like my bedroom lights to start slowly to get brigther at 6.20, and turn to full level at 6.30 where my phone alarms goes off.

  1. Is there anyway to connect my phone alarm to the “turn bulbs on slowly”-funktion? Since I need to wake up at different times some days, I will need to adjust the wake up time in both my phones alarm and also in the “turn bulbs on slowly”-funktion

  2. Would you create the “turn bulbs on slowly”-funktion in the Hue app or in the SmartThings app?
    Does the Hue app manage that kind of functionallity better than through smartthings?

:grin: I would mark this topic as a Solution to your problem and then spin up another new topic for what you want to do with your phone alarm.

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This is unfortunately true. I wish they would somehow figure out how to update the name. I recently moved 6 lights from the kitchen to the pool table room and had to figure out the mapping and naming manually.