Renaming devices in the Hue app won't update SmartThings

I have tons of Hue lights and they all added with the generic name. So I renamed them all, which shows the new name in every Hue app I use. SmartThings just shows them as Hue Color Light 1, etc. I have rebooted the bridges, tried everything. What do I have to do to update the name? Renaming them manually on ST is not an option as there’s 30+ lights and I don’t need to use ST THAT badly lol, thanks!

It is a known issue. You will need to manually change the name for the lights in ST. :frowning:

Okay, side question I deleted about 5 from ST thinking it would detect them as new but nothing I do will bring them back into the ST app. Is there a way to force it to readd them?

Hmmmm lan discovery should find them again. My mind is drawing a blank at the moment.

I just checked and they are back now, guess it just took some time, thanks!

Unfortunately, ST doesn’t update names (I suggested it to the dev team a few months back and they said they would look into it, but it had never worked that way). It might work to remove the hub device and adding it back if you don’t have the devices in use by any smartapp.