How to automatically syn new Philips HUE thing

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G’day ST community,
I must be using the wrong key words because I have been searching for about an hour now. I was wondering if there is an easy way to re-sync Smatthings with Philips HUE bridge after making changes in the HUE app.

For example, if I say “Hey Google, update my devices” GH updates any changes I have made with any devices/hubs that I have. (that’s the easy way to update GH)

Rather than adding or updating bulbs and devices in the HUE app and then having to duplicate the same changes in the ST hub (that’s the hard way), what other way is there of easily updating the changes?

Cheers in advance,


If you rename existing discovered (meaning already in ST) bulbs in the Hue app, there’s no way that those changes are reflected in SmartThings. There was a post/reply by an ST staff member out here somewhere in the community who confirmed this as well.

So if you rename it in Hue, and you want the same name in ST, unfortunately you have to go into the Device in Things and rename it.

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Well that’s a bummer. In that case, would the easy way be to disassociate my HUE account from ST and then re-associate the account?
Not such a problem if I am only adding one thing, but I am still trying to set my lighting up the way I like it and adding bulbs and rooms.
How do I make a feature request? It seems that this would be a very handy integration.



I agree it’s cumbersome. What I make sure of is when discovering a new bulb in the Hue app that during discovery and the naming process, I am very careful to accurately name the bulb right then and there, otherwise the default discovered name for that bulb will be reflective in ST.

It adds a new bulb as a child to the Bidge in ST but it doesn’t do any updates to existing bulbs unfortunately. Don’t think it matters if you disconnect your skill, reboot bridge, hub or router, that it makes a difference. Just a nuance that you have to live with. I have 40+ bulbs so I feel ya. :slight_smile:

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Ahh the joys of technology.
oh, and thanks for taking time to answer my question mate



Who knows, when the new app is ready for primetime, it’s possible that this shortcoming might be addressed for the Hue Bridge and it’s associated devices. One can hope :slight_smile: