Scene can't set thermostat to Auto mode

My thermostat has the ability to automatically switch between the heat and cool modes. This is particularly helpful during the spring and fall temperature swings.

Sometimes guests change the mode as well as adjust the target temperature and I want the ability to re-set the mode to Auto periodically. But the only options I have available in the scene are Cool/Heat/Off. I can set the mode on the physical device and on the soft device.

Should I be using a different method or am I asking for a new feature?

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Brand/model of thermostat?

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Honeywell T6 Pro Zwave

You can try this thermostat DTH. It supports the T6 and queries it for it’s supported capabilities and reports to SmartThings accoringly. If it supports Auto then it’ll report it and it should show up:

Thanks! I must have not realized I need to flip a slider on the DTH after one of the DTH upgrades. Now the option shows up for the scenes.

Well, the Auto option is exposed for one of my two thermostats. For the one that Auto is not exposed, the correct DTH is assigned and the IDE shows Auto as a supported thermostat mode. Any Ideas?

I have found that for the thermostat where Auto is exposed, let’s call it ThermoA, it is exposed using both the RBoy DTH and the Z-Wave Thermostat type. For the thermostat where Auto is not exposed, let’s call it ThermoB, it is not exposed for neither the RBoy DTH nor the Z-Wave Thermostat type. I’m not sure where to go from here.

I should add, although Auto shows as one of the supported thermostat modes in the IDE I can’t set the mode to Auto through scenes or at the device itself.

Honeywell thermostat have a configuration option called Auto changeover. If that’s disabled then it won’t report the auto capabilities.

The good news if you’re using the Enhanced Thermostat DTH, you can change that setting from the device settings page. Under the Honeywell section in the settings page, make sure that Enable auto changeover is enabled. Then refresh the device (pull down on the device page and it should trigger a refresh)

I would also recommend updating your DTH to the latest version as we’ve added more features (and fixed some) for the Honeywell thermostat. More details here:

Thanks for the great support. I have now updated to the latest version of the DTH but am getting the same results as before. On ThermoB, I disabled and reenabled the Auto changeover option through the app with a device refresh in between and the capability is still not available.

FWIW, I also disabled the capability on ThermoA and the capability did not disappear so I’m not sure the Auto changeover option is actually doing anything.

You can PM me your live logs and I can take a look to see what your thermostat is responding when you change the settings.
Alternatively try doing a factory reset and then try it again.

Live logs sent.

I have discovered that I can enable the autochangover switch in either app but I must set the mode to Auto in the old app before the selection is available in the new app. Once the selection is available in the new app I can change the mode to something else and back. Odd.