Honeywell T6 Pro Z-wave (TH6320ZW2003)

I bought two Honeywell T6 PRO Z-wave thermostats (NOT the WiFi version, the Z-wave version). I read somewhere that it “works with SmartThings”.

But it was not listed in the supported devices. I was able to add it as a Z-wave device. I can see the temperature reading, I can change modes, and set heat and cool temperatures – all manually.

However, there is no longer an “auto” mode to switch between heating and cooling. That should be easy enough to automate, so I created automations to switch modes. However, the automations do not work for me.

So, searching here for “TH6320ZW2003” led me to this topic:
[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat Device Handler with Z-Wave Plus
So now I see that apparently, my thermostat requires a custom device handler (not supported by Samsung/SmartThings, but by the “community”. That’s a disappointment, but OK.

Following the instructions there, I’m taken to a page that requires a login. Then I find that that it requires a “Personal License” – to the tune of $39 (is that once, or yearly?). I’m all for supporting developers, if the software is what I need – but I suspect this may be overkill for my needs.

So is that the only way to make this thermostat work?


They’ve only recently added it to the official device handler. And based on change requests they’re still making some tweaks. Have you contacted support?

No, I haven’t figured out how just yet. I still have a day job. :wink:

Actually, I was playing with Home Assistant, but decided I didn’t have time to the work, so I bought the SmartThings hub, thinking it would be pretty much Plug & Play.


Sorry I know this is a little old. But did you ever figure this out? I’ve got a T6 and the only way I can control it is with the Zwave Battery Thermostat device handler, I’ve tried several, excluding and adding each time. I also have no Auto mode and the automations don’t work. Smart Apps do not recognize it as a thermostat. And the temp it’s showing is too high, showing 78F when it’s never been set to over 74, it’s 30F outside, and I have other sensors reading 72-73F. Really not sure what’s up with it. Appreciate any guidance or suggestions. I’ve only got this hub in the past couple weeks, it’s my first go at the smart home thing and am still trying to figure everything out.