Updated devices in smart things to Home Assistant

Hello, Greetings!
I have just updated my smart things with some a lot of sensors and switches so my smart things is already be installed in Home Assistant but in smart things which is already is in home assistant the devices which are added in past is still in smart thing (Home Assistant) but I just updated my smart things with newly devices but that newly devices cannot showing in home assistant (smart thing plugging).
why it is not showing do I uninstall the smart thing from home assistant and then install it back so that I can see the updated devices?
or what I can do so that I can see my updated devices in home assistant?

Please guide me in this regards:

The right person to ask for some help is @mwav3.

Tim, can you assist with some advise?

The smartthings home assistant integration installs a small smart app in the Smartthings cloud. Sometimes it gets messed up and points to the wrong address, or you have multiple instances.

You might need to delete it. Try what was suggested in this post

Or follow troubleshooting directions here


Im Trying to get SmartThings linked with Home assistant. Ive followed the instructions to the letter. It went wrong so i totally uninstalled my VM and re installed Home Assistant. It works brilliantly but again im getting issues with getting smartthings working

I keep getting this error


Config flow could not be loaded: 500 Internal Server Error Server got itself in trouble"

I have of course asked on the Home Assistant community on existing posts and on a totally new post. NOT ONE person has answered.

I have found some suggestions that i need to change my external URL. Ive done that and i have checked my Nabu Cassa URL is correct. I can and do have remote access. All other integrations work as they should. Only SmartThings.

Can anyone here help at all please?