Question using Hmebridge-Smartthings smartapp

I’ve got what’s probably a very basic question. I successfully setup my interface between Homebrdge and Smartthings. The devices I had setup on my hub when I first setup are operating fine.

My question is when I add new the nags to my hub ( for example, added a water sensor this morning), how do I get them to show up in HomeKit? I went in and selected them in the Confg file, and I also restarted homebridge on my Raspberry API, but they still don’t show up.

Is there a step I’m missing?

Two steps to add a new device in homebridge: 1. add it in JSON API smartapp, 2. restart homebridge. No config file changes.

I added the new device(s), and restarted homebridge, but they are not
showing up… I did note that when I went into JSON API smartapp to select
the new devices, the devices I previously have added are not showing up
with check marks (they don’t indicate that they have been chosen)…

Sounds like something is messed up in your setup and the devices you thought exposed to HomeKit are not really exposed. Maybe you tried to configure homebridge for non smartthings devices. I suggest you start from scratch, Google “homebridge-smartthings” and follow instructions that are specific to the homebridge-smartthings npm.

When did you set up your homebridge? About a month or two ago there were some changes in Smartthings and some limitations put on homebridge.

Also, what version of homebridge/smart app are you using. I think the older one only connected to switches, not sensors?!

I think I figured out my issue;

I was not adding them to the JSON API app that shows up under the
Automation/SmartApps tab. I was going back to the
Marketplace/SmartApps/MyApps and doing it there…

Once I added the items under the API in the Automation section, I was able
to restart Homebridge and have everything show up…

My next issue is that under the Automation/Smartapps tab, I have over a
dozen JSON API listings, many with no devices… not sure how I managed to
do that, but I’d like to see if I can remove those…

When you open smartapp from automation and you scroll all the way down there is an option to remove. When remove does not work due to an error Support will remove it for you upon request.