Update to SmartThings Groovy Transition

I have the same issue. Routines do not appear on automations page but they are listed with there devices.

Both of my hubs are still on firmware 45.11

Same here. I just posted asking if it was just me. Even routines created for edge driver devices yesterday disappeared.

Same here. Only thing ahowing up on my screen are a few smart apps. Evweything else is gone.

So did mine, which I’d moved over to virtual devices I’d recreated via the vEdge driver. I didn’t care too much about them (I have no important automation left on ST), but I keep the hub turned on in the hope I see the greener pasture at the end of this transition.

Oddly, the new “Smart lighting” also disappeared, with the simple test rule. But I still have the old Groovy one (“Smart Lighting”) with it’s collection of rules.

Maybe it’s just a glitch as they twiddle the cloud side database and it will all come back.

Luckily ST give regular updates for concerned users… pfft


All of my routines are still listed. I saw there was a hub firmware update due today, any chance you’re in the middle of that? :thinking:


Nope, all are still missing from the Automations tab. They appear under the device card, as tmielonen mentioned, but are only available to turn on or off. No editing. The hub did go off with all devices, but returned. Without all the automations/routines not connected to SmartLighting.
I guess I missed the conversion programming mechanism discussion and will have to catch up. Link? But the question remains, is this an effective solution or do I need to recreate each one under the new UX. Thanks,

If I understand what you’re asking, maybe this?

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

Or more generally, this:

Many people who had routines disappear from the app yesterday have gotten then back by now without having to do anything except log out of the app and log back in again. but not everyone has them back yet. But that only applies to the routines that disappeared all together at one time yesterday.

Other SmartApps may have disappeared over the last few week as part of the Groovy shut down and those might indeed need to be re-created individually. For those cases, see the link I just gave you:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

OK, dumb question: how do I log out of the app? I’m looking around, but it looks like I completely sign out of my Samsung account and not just SmartThings. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Thanks.

EDIT: I logged out of my Samsung account from SmartThings app, and logged back in, but that didn’t help… Maybe reboot the Hub?

In fact you can edit too. Toggle it off. Open, edit and save. Toggle back on.

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NIce catch!
Much appreciated.

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Shazam! All automations have returned.
Must have been a massive number of hubs updated for such latency.

Not sure what is current, but showing 045.00011 on a V2 Rev E


@drc 46.08 is being rolled out:

45.11 was released in October:


My routines and scenes are back. Both hubs are still on FW 45.11


All of mine came back, so I probably was. I once again have both Smart Lighting and the new Smart lighting.

This is a terrible way for the UI to work!

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It seems that my devices are being updated (I have several Leviton switches) were updated to Edge Drivers. The only interesting observation is that the old IDE still reports them as DTH’s but the CLI reports them as Edge Drivers. Looks like the IDE is being turned off little by little.

Be sure you don’t have duplicates showing in the IDE, one DTH and one Placeholder. Makes for bizarre behavior if so.

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I have been experiencing this for a few months now. No dulicate devices. Just shows DTH in the IDE and edge driver in the CLI and app.

Do we know if/when automatic migrations will stop? I still have a few devices using DTH’s. I will wait if there’s a chance it’ll still migrate automatically. If it’s never happening, then I can force delete and include those devices manually.